The search for peace


“I am at a place in my life where peace is a priority. I make deliberate life choices to protect my mental, emotional and spiritual state.”

This is a great affirmation you can repeat to yourself if peace has become a goal for you.

I spent most of my life always achieving, working towards the next big goal or dream. 

I’ve been really blessed to always do work I love, helping people get unstuck from the darkest corners of their minds.

But what I noticed was that because of my love for helping others, it led to a complicated relationship history.

As an empath, I have a knack of attracting narcissists. 

They are, after all, the shadow aspect of the empath. 

They are the yang to my yin. ☯️ 

With the empath-narcissist attraction comes a lot of drama, toxic energy, hurt and broken hearts. 💔 

I know there are many others who have experienced similar relationships and scratch their heads at all the drama they’ve attracted into their lives.

2020 brought in a fresh new energy for me after spending years doing the work on healing those parts of myself that kept attracting partners with broken wings.

If you’re an empath, you can choose to embrace self love, self respect and self worth, moving away from the toxic energy of those you know aren’t helping you become your best self. 

I turned myself into my own project, Project Self Worth, so I could grow to love myself enough to really own who I am and bring my A Game out into the world, allowing myself to be open to bringing more amazing people in to my life. 

Fast forward to 2024 and I’m in the most healthy, loving, awesome relationship I’ve ever known.

But that started with acknowledging that I deserve that, which as an empath is one of the toughest jobs we will ever have. 

Narcissists among us also have an opportunity to embrace change. 

There are some out there who are starting to own the fact they need to clear up the past that allowed them to bring out their narcissistic traits and that’s good to see.

It’s not a conscious choice as an empath to attract drama and toxicity but that’s generally what happens until we clock on to the fact that we have full control over it. 

I no longer attract drama into my life. 

I’m way more focused on bringing in more peace and calming my nervous system after years of being on high terror alert.

In fact I recently completed a NEUROFIT certification which focuses on retraining the nervous system and I’m excited about incorporating this into my coaching and healing sessions.

If this message speaks to your soul and you’d like to know more about how what I offer in sessions can help you break free too, comment FREEDOM and I’ll message you.

As always, if you want a guide on your journey, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help. 

Plus come over and join my free group here.

Catcha on the flip side,


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