What I can sense in people’s energy during coaching


Last week someone completely unknown to me contacted me for an urgent coaching session.


While she wasn’t initially there for an energy treatment, a lot of the things she spoke about led me to believe she likely had:


🥺 totally unbalanced chakras

👹 negative entities affecting her

🎯 a totally misaligned assemblage point

❤️‍🩹 a lack of self love 


She wasn’t sure what she wanted other than to feel happy which she hadn’t for a long time. 😔 


I suggested the idea of doing an energy treatment as a priority over coaching to get her back into balance. 🙌🏻


She had an amazing treatment + responded really well to it. 👏🏼


When she arrived she said she was a massive over-thinker. 🤯


At the end of the session she felt much more calm. ☺️


As I’d thought, I needed to clear negative entities, balance all her chakras (none of which were functioning properly), sent healing love energy from her heart to her other chakras + readjusted her assemblage point which had been stuck in the area of over-thinking for over three years. 


I also removed two energetic daggers stuck in her heart from betrayals by a close friend + restructured the organs of her heart (emotional pain), lungs (grief) + throat (inability to speak your truth). 🗡️ 🫀


She left feeling much better than when she arrived. 🤗


Most clients say they have an amazing sleep after an energy treatment. 💤 


The following day she said “thank you for clearing my fog” + said she’d been noticing positive changes in her interactions with others. 😶‍🌫️


The energy work keeps clearing stuff for 3-7 days following a treatment so no doubt there will be more positive changes. 


If you’re curious about how energy work can help your situation, drop me a message and let’s chat. 


And come over and join my free group here.


Catcha on the flip side,



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