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Excuse me sir, you have a chopstick in your eye!

  I recently did a distant healing on a friend who said he had really sore eyes and it was causing a lot of pain. 👀 I’ve done a lot of healings on him in the past but sore eyes is definitely a new thing for him. So I did a comprehensive distant healing focusing on the goal if healing whatever was going on with his eyes. After kicking out any “bad juju” – negative entities, negative thought forms and…

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Exciting News! 🤩

  EXCITING NEWS! 🤩 Exciting News! 🤩  I’m excited to have just qualified as a NEUROFIT Certified Trainer. Nervous system regulation is something I’ve become increasingly aware of over the years, for me personally but also for my clients. I’m really keen to watch the positive shifts for those I work with as well as for my own life. Having spent 12 years now living with chronic pain and still healing from the accumulation of years worth of trauma and…

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Manifesting Magic ~ Celebrate Your Wins! 🍾

  My Top Tip for Manifesting Magic ~ celebrate your successes!  I’ve shared this with a few coaching clients lately. Whenever you achieve a goal, have a winning lottery ticket or something extra awesome happens, pop a bottle of bubbly. 🍾  For those non drinkers it can be any bottle, non alcoholic ~ but the act of popping the cork feels like a celebration. 🎉  Pop some bubbles for big wins, writing the date and a word that represents what…

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H a n d s h a k e s

  First impressions are lasting, aren’t they. 🧐  My Dad always taught me that when you introduce yourself to someone you should always have a strong handshake. 🤝  Lots of people have commented on my strong handshake. Think about those times when you’ve shaken someone’s hand and it’s like shaking a wet bit of lettuce. 🥬 😂 What assumptions do you make about them? What about a strong handshake, do you notice that person has more confidence? ☺️ People look…

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I like you, but I like me more

  I was listening to the Matthew Hussey podcast the other day and they were talking about relationships as they always do. 🫶🏻 It was a pretty interesting depth convo about a range of things but at one point his wife said “I like me more than you.” She wasn’t saying this to him; she was saying it in relation to people who leave a relationship that isn’t good for their best self because they CHOOSE themselves over being “less…

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Why I won’t walk past a 5 cent coin

  In around 2009 I started getting right into manifesting and the Law of Attraction, initially through the amazing Sandy Forster. 🫶🏻 Later on I trained as a Law of Attraction Coach through Sandy’s Inspired Spiritual Coaching Academy. ✨ One of Sandy’s other ISCA graduates, Denise Duffield-Thomas runs an incredible Money Bootcamp that I joined back in 2013. 💞 One of the things that has always stuck with me about manifesting is making sure you’re not rejecting whatever gifts come…

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