A great analogy about relationships


I was listening to a Lewis Howes interview with Mathew Hussey this week (they’re both awesome) and Mathew gave a great analogy about relationships and building a castle.


He said too many people out there base their whole relationship on the connection with their partner and the potential they have together.


He said this is like buying an amazing plot of land together, in a beautiful landscape.


My ideal plot of land is by the ocean.


And when you find someone who loves the plot of land like you do, there’s a connection there, and so much potential for what you can build together.


But he goes on to say too often there’s only one person who keeps building the castle, brick by brick.


The other person starts off building too, but then goes off at some point.


They leave the construction site and stop building.


Maybe they’re checking out other plots of land.


The other person is busy building their dream castle, brick by brick, still seeing all the potential based on the connection.


The part time builder floats in and out enough to keep the dream alive.


I love this analogy.


It reflected a big issue in all my relationships – I’ve been the one who always tried to keep building.


Even when they were checking out other plots of land.


I’m a pretty committed builder and don’t lose sight of the connection.


Building on your own is pretty tiring.


Got the message Universe – send me a builder who will commit to helping me finish my castle.


Actually – send me someone who’s also built their own castle, like I have, and we can spend our time together furnishing it 🙂


I’m ready.


Does this resonate?


Catcha on the flip side, admiring each others’s castles.



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