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Brain trauma + mental health

  If you don’t know who Dr Daniel Amen is, check out his work. He’s a psychiatrist who, when studying, realised his profession is the only profession that deals with the brain that doesn’t even look at the brains of their clients. I’ve been following his stuff for a while now – he does SPECT scans on people’s brains to show why they’re behaving the way they are or why they’re experiencing certain issues. He then works with them in…

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We are all broken

  I love this quote by Ernest Hemingway; “We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.” Reminds me of a blog I wrote on kintsukuroi, a Japanese technique where they take broken items and piece them back together with gold, the idea being that we are more beautiful for having been broken. ❤️‍🩹  The most amazing people I’ve ever met are those who truly know what it is to feel broken, and to learn, heal and grow in…

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And then one day, we stop being the person we used to be

  It’s subtle at first, the way they change you. 💔    The way they pick on the things you wear.   How you look.   Who you hang out with.   Criticising how you cook, how you clean, how you take the bins out.   Telling you their friends think you’re “too much.”   You’ve buried yourself in work, another thing they criticise you for. 😢   Work has become your respite, the place where you can be yourself. …

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Try this to release past hurts

    We all have emotional baggage from our past that holds us back from achieving our goals and being our best self.    One of my favourite things to do is to help others uncover what’s holding them back so they can become the best version of themselves.   Out of the hundreds of tools I’ve learned along the way, forgiveness work is my number one go-to if I’m stuck.   The first forgiveness technique I learned was taught…

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How to heal your triggers

    I recently had an awesome podcast interview with my friend Tracey Cook around triggers.   We discuss;   ❔ what are triggers + where they originate 🌀 a quick + easy way to neutralise your triggers in the moment  🙌🏻 how to do a deeper dive into healing the source of your triggers    I guided Tracey through a trigger she’d experienced that day + did a live demo with her where we explored the emotions + used…

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He’s my reflection

    I N T I M A C Y ~ into me, I see ❤️   After what felt like a lifetime of failed relationships, I met my amazing fiancé Cam when I was 38.   In our last few years together I’ve realised how much all my relationships have been a reflection of how I feel about myself and what I need to heal.    My past relationships were a reflection of;   🥹 how I put others…

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