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Empowerography podcast interview with Brad Walsh

    Recently I was interviewed by Brad Walsh for the Empowerography Podcast.   We talked about some pretty heavy and important shit.    We spoke about mental health, self-care vs self-love and suicide prevention.    It was such an important and inspirational conversation.    You really need to check this episode out.   My goal is to help people to become their truest, most authentic version of themselves and to love themselves so much they won’t let anyone or…

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This is for you if you need a swift kick up the arse!!

  Somebody needs to hear this today.   Is it you?     You’ve had a dream/goal for a while now.   That thing you’ve been wanting to do for weeks, months or years but haven’t properly kicked it off.   My question is…   WHY THE FUCK AREN’T YOU TAKING ACTION ALREADY?   YOU are the only one holding you back.    💰 Not money (you can find ways to get resourceful) ⏰ Not lack of time (you’re sitting…

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Want to break your daily drinking habit?

    Recently I’ve been doing energy treatments focusing specifically on my clients goal of breaking their daily drinking habit.    Note ~ I’m not talking about the level of being an alcoholic.    These are clients who buy a 6 pack on the way home after a day of labouring and find it stops them getting anything done after work as they spend their evenings drinking it all watching Netflix 🍻   Or others who always have a bottle…

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