Learn to love being alone


I’ve never really believed in the old saying “two halves make a whole”.


It never really made sense to me.


Don’t two whole people make a better partnership?


If you’re half a person then you’re always looking for someone else to meet your needs instead of you being able to fill your cup without external sources.


When I was in my 20’s, I remember the feeling of looking at a whole weekend with no plans.


I’d feel all stressy about the thought of having nothing to do and nobody to see, so I’d call all my mates and end up with a packed weekend then feel knackered on Monday.


I didn’t know it back then, but I found the thought of spending time alone with myself really boring.


There was a good five years in my 20’s where I was single.


I was surrounded by amazing friends, but sometimes felt so alone and lonely.


I still knew though, that if I didn’t work on myself and learn to be happy alone, that I would attract a partner from the wrong vibration.


From my early 20’s I started delving into all things personal development and energy work, and started clearing whatever was holding me back.


Still, it took until my late 30’s to really get a deep understanding of self-love and what it was all about, how it was showing up (or not) for me in my life, and how a lack of self-love had magnetised shitty situations and hurt people towards me.


I ended up with a lot of my own hurt to heal, because I didn’t love myself enough to set boundaries, to say no, to walk away when I should have.


I embarked on a journey of learning to love myself and bit by bit, became more of ME.


These days I feel like I’m ALL OF ME, Authentic Carly in all her weird and wonderful ways.


And you know what?


I really love her.


At age 40, I feel like life has started all over again.


Carly 2.0.


The even more badass upgrade.


But really, she was there all along.


These days, if for some reason I have a whole day or weekend with nothing planned, I get excited about all the chill things I can do to nurture myself.


That’s come with time, age, wisdom, learning to love myself and learning to love being alone.


I can honestly say I love time alone now.


And through learning all these things and loving myself more, I’ve attracted amazing love and the best of friends into my life.


Big love to all of you.


As always, if this post resonates and you’re not sure where to start with becoming your authentic self, drop me a message and let’s chat about how I can help with coaching or energy work.


Catcha on the more authentic flip side,


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