The importance of cutting energy cords


Each week I see anywhere between three and forty people for energy work, either in person or via remote healing. 🙌🏻

Because of the amount of people I’m working on each week I notice themes occuring in my clients.

These themes can last weeks or even months.

One of the themes I’m noticing right now is that people are needing cord cutting.



Just like when we’re born with an umbilical cord attaching us to our mums, we also have etheric (energy) cords that exist between us and anyone we’re close to or spend a lot of time with.

Even if we end a relationship and don’t see that person anymore, there are still etheric cords existing between us and if it was a bad break up those cords are generally negative, toxic and draining. 

Cords aren’t always negative – the cords that exist between us and the important people in our lives can be mutually positive, mutually draining, or like one way traffic.

You know when your phone rings and you see the name, and your heart sinks? 🫣


That’s a sign of a draining etheric cord.

That person will call you, complain to you, and literally suck the life out of you through the cords linking you.

I find it’s important to delete/dissolve the negative etheric cords that exist between us and anyone in our lives.

It doesn’t delete the positive cords, and it frees up your energy to stay within your own field rather than being sucked away by energy vampires. 

I find I’m doing this more and more in client sessions. 

You can even do this yourself. 

Think about someone who’s in your life right now who you feel you may be drained by. 

Visualise them in front of you and ask to see the etheric cords that exist between the two of you.

What do you see? 👀 

I remember the first time I did this many years ago focusing on my partner at the time. 

It was an extremely toxic, volatile and chaotic relationship that was sucking the life out of me.

I saw a massive tree trunk coming out of my heart and out of my lower back going into his body with only my energy going towards him and none of his sustaining me.

Interestingly, I had massive pain in my lower back at the time due to a couple of slipped discs.

When you cut the cords, you stop your energy being drained by them for a period of time; however, they can (and do) frequently come back so it’s important to cut cords regularly.

I do this most nights when I go to bed. 🛌 

I ask for all negative etheric cords to be deleted, destroyed, dissolved and transmuted and ask for all healing to be in line with my highest good. 😇

I then flood my body with white plasma light (to purge any remaining negative frequencies), then rose gold (love energy) and gold to seal and protect.

The more we can release these cords, the more we protect our energy.

If you feel this is something you need right now and don’t want to do it alone, drop me a message and let’s chat about how energy work can help. 

Plus come over and join my free group here.

Catcha on the flip side, where we no longer let people suck the life out of us.


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