Are you a magnet for drama and want to know why?

Drama llama

Do you feel like you are a total magnet for some serious drama schizzle going on in your life?

Do you ever sit back and wonder why me? Why does bad sh*t always happen to ME?

Our primal brain is hard wired to pay more attention to the drama that goes on around us rather than the potential for more good things to happen.

Our RAS (reticular activating system) is a network of pathways in the brain that help us to process the gazillion bits of information that our brain is constantly having to process. Imagine having to actually pay attention to everything around us – sights, smells, sounds, conversations etc… it would drive us bonkers if our RAS didn’t do such a good job of filtering it down into the 5-9 chunks of information we do actually pay attention to.

The problem is that back in the old school days when we were having to fight dinosaurs and run after our dinner, our primal brain and RAS was evolved to pay attention to the things that were important to pay attention to in order to survive.

This “fight or flight” mechanism in our brain kicks off all kinds of problems for us in this modern world where the release of cortisol and adrenalin is now flowing daily due to the stress around us from work/family/money/environment and so on.

Our bodies are still responding to stress as though we are having to either fight or run away from something that might harm us. Instead, the build up of cortisol and adrenalin can cause us to get tired, sick and/or suffer burnout.

Drama everywhere

In the same way, our RAS is programmed to focus on the drama around us rather than the good things.

The good news is that it is totally possible to reprogram your reticular activating system so that you focus on more of the good shizzle, and less of the sh*t stuff.

Our brain actually doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

Our RAS responds in the same way to a guided visualisation as if it were a real situation. So the more we visualise what we want, and the more we tell ourselves things are already great, the more we will attract more of what we actually want, causing the “drama” to fade into the distance.

Programming our RAS to focus on what we DO want instead of what we DON’T want means that we end up paying attention to things around us that were in fact always there, we just didn’t notice them because our RAS was programmed to pay attention to drama.


So what’s the best way to do this then?

Think about something that you want to manifest in your life – for example, a pay rise, a relationship, a car.

Then write down as a goal exactly what you want, ensuring you get specific e.g. I will receive a $5,000 annual pay rise by 31 April.

Then see yourself having already achieved it – imagine walking into your boss’ office and being told you have received a pay rise. Imagine the ways you could spend the extra money.

If looking for a new car you could do things like go for a test ride, print off a picture of the car and put a photo of you in the drivers seat, visualise daily you in the car and where you are driving to, and so on.

Write your goal – then SEE yourself having achieved it – visualise this every day, and say positive affirmations to yourself that support it such as “I am so happy and grateful to be receiving my $5000 yearly pay rise!” – and then put a plan in place for anything you need to do to achieve that goal.

Give it a go – you have nothing to lose just by giving it a try 🙂

Happy manifesting!

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