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Are you micro-dosing on your ex?

    I was listening to a Mathew Hussey podcast the other day (amazing dude who talks all things relationships, check him out if you haven’t already).   He was talking about how many of us micro-dose on our ex after a break up.   I know I’ve defo been guilty of this in the past.   When you break up with someone you still have strong feelings for, or they break up with you, it can be easy to…

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How would you feel if your kid was dating you?

    No, I don’t mean you actually dating your kid.   When I coach my clients around relationship issues, I find a really good question to ask is whether they’d be happy if their kid (or sibling or someone else they love) was in a relationship similar to their own.   It’s a confronting question and one that generates an immediate response.   We can fart-arse around any other question and smooth things over in our minds about our…

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Choose the bigger life

  I was listening to a podcast interview the other day where Gretchen Rubin from The Happiness Project was talking about asking a certain question when you’re unsure about taking a certain action.   She gave the example of when she was thinking about getting a dog.   Her kids really wanted one, but she was thinking about the extra responsibilities that go along with it and how it would make it more hassle to travel as she’d have to…

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See what you made me do

  As the world goes through the coronavirus crisis, we are also experiencing another crisis in our homes – family violence.   SBS have their month of May focusing on the family violence crisis in Australia, with a three part documentary series “See What You Made Me Do” based on Jess Hill’s book of the same title.   The series explores one of the most complex and urgent issues of our time – domestic abuse. Presented by investigative journalist Jess…

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Relationships are about the trash cans

  If you haven’t ever heard of a guy called Mathew Hussey talking about relationships, you need to find him on YouTube now.   He’s amazeballs, love his work.   One of the best things I’ve ever heard him talk about is how relationships are about the trash cans.   He talks about being taken to Disneyland by his folks as a 13 year old, and how excited he was.   He couldn’t articulate why at the time, but he…

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I don’t know who I am anymore: the death of identity

As I approach “mid life,” I notice that more and more people around me are starting to feel like they don’t know who they are anymore.   The age milestone of 40 seems to bring with it a loss of identity for a lot of people.   Relationship breakdowns, divorce, bring with it the loss of identity as a husband, wife, family unit.   We lose grandparents and parents, and get closer to being next in line.   Maybe we suddenly…

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