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Big exciting news for you amazing legends! 🤩

  Maybe you’ve been feeling a little (or a lot!) stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, like a shell of your former self and unsure what action to take next? 🥹 Have you ever looked back at a moment in time and KNOWN it was the moment your entire life changed? Well, consider this a sign that change is well and truly on the way.  A BIG FLASHING NEON SIGN. 💠 I know. It’s a fucking big promise, but stay with me, because…

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The importance of cutting energy cords

  Each week I see anywhere between three and forty people for energy work, either in person or via remote healing. 🙌🏻 Because of the amount of people I’m working on each week I notice themes occuring in my clients. These themes can last weeks or even months. One of the themes I’m noticing right now is that people are needing cord cutting.     Just like when we’re born with an umbilical cord attaching us to our mums, we…

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The search for peace

  “I am at a place in my life where peace is a priority. I make deliberate life choices to protect my mental, emotional and spiritual state.” This is a great affirmation you can repeat to yourself if peace has become a goal for you. I spent most of my life always achieving, working towards the next big goal or dream.  I’ve been really blessed to always do work I love, helping people get unstuck from the darkest corners of…

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Codependent no more

  I seem to be having a lot of conversations lately about codependent relationships. Firstly, it’s important to know that even strong, independent people end up in codependent relationships. I know this first hand after being in many codependent relationships myself, even though I consider myself a very independent person. WHERE DOES IT ALL START? As a kid, if you’ve experienced the following things it leaves you way more likely to find yourself in codependent relationships as an adult: 😢…

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I like you, but I like me more

  I was listening to the Matthew Hussey podcast the other day and they were talking about relationships as they always do. 🫶🏻 It was a pretty interesting depth convo about a range of things but at one point his wife said “I like me more than you.” She wasn’t saying this to him; she was saying it in relation to people who leave a relationship that isn’t good for their best self because they CHOOSE themselves over being “less…

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Coach Carly + Kellie Gilbey drinking champers + talking shit!

  Join Kellie Gilbey and I talking all kinds of cool stuff:   🙌🏻 my journey into (and through) energy work  💞 self love 🫶🏻 recovery from shitty relationships into attracting healthy loving relationships  🫣 what the the last few years has done to our energy fields  🕸️ what are stress webs in our energy ✨ and lots of random funny chats in between!     Comment REPLAY if you’re watching the replay.   Drop a ❤️ in the comments…

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