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Phi Drolet

“Working with Carly Evans was a very powerful experience. She helped me make a profound shift in the way I approach my work and my goals, and I now feel more confident approaching clients and growing my business. I highly recommend working with Carly if you want to accelerate your success or simply feel better and more empowered.”  Phil Drolet, Boulder Colorado – The Feel Good Lifestyle





“Carly is a real dynamo – when it comes to herself and her coaching. She has helped me to uncover self sabotaging patterns and make changes in many areas of my life. I feel so much more joyful, confident and inspired as a result of my coaching with Carly. I now believe that I can create what I want in life, step by step regardless of what my current circumstances might be.

Carly brings her whole self to each and every session and gives 110%. She effortlessly combines her wealth of experience, skills and knowledge with her wonderful qualities of compassion, finely tuned intuition and openness, sense of humour, passion and dedication. My experience of coaching with Carly has been a truly motivating, enjoyable and enlightening one. I highly recommend Carly to anyone who is on a personal growth path and wants fulfil their potential and create the life of their dreams. “ Shelley McEvoy, Western Australia



”In January, I saw a post on Facebook from Carly offering a trial Goal Setting session. Being in the early stages of 2013, this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I had some goals set in my mind, which is quite unusual for me. I’m not much of a goal setter. So I jumped on the offer immediately and I am so glad I did.

Prior to my session, Carly sent me a questionnaire to fill out which asked questions regarding different aspects of my life like family, career, finances, health, relationships etc. Already, I had found this insightful and beneficial. Even though I had some goals already in mind, it made me reassess all aspects of my life and prioritise what’s important. 

My hour session was conducted over the phone with earphones in the comfort of my own home.  Carly asked me all the right questions to help evoke thought and cement my goals. Afterwards I felt I had benefitted so much through this one session, that I booked another 3 on the spot. It’s given me structure, direction and the motivation I needed. 

Carly not only helped me with goal setting but is also great at helping with pretty much anything you throw at her. I always get so excited about our session because she really gets you feeling excited about life. I highly recommend her to anyone and suggest that to try at least 1 session with her to find out for yourself.” Jayne Bray, New South Wales 

“I first met Carly in a social setting and learnt that she focused on forms of alternative health treatment and life coaching, but it wasn’t until I was going through a personal and spiritual crisis that I came across her Facebook page and offer for a free beginners session is when I really realised what amazing things and advice she had to offer. During my first three sessions Carly and I spoke at length about my personal struggles I was facing and what I could do to refocus to a positive attitude and increase my vibration to attract wonderful things and people. Words cannot describe how much this changed my life for the better. My life did a complete 180 and was directed back onto a positive path and has stayed that way ever since. I still see Carly for sessions when I can and we are now focusing on a bigger personal goal and I have already noticed the potential of what I can achieve! Thanks Coach Carly xx Phoebe Wilson, Australia

Happy client

“Carly is passionate and energetic about what she does – this is why she is so good. All you need to do is be open and honest about yourself and Carly will work with you to remove the negative blockages and help you get back on your feet with a spring in your step and wearing a smile on your face. So go for it, unclip those wings and get transformed!”  Monique Foster, UK





I came to Carly after my engagement/long term relationship ended in a pretty drastic way. I was lost, am I in the right place, where do I go from here? Carly has so many tools that you take away with you, positive ways of getting you to feel confidant to open up about things that happened and talk thru those things, admit insecurities and clear those, set goals so your an individual again and be there to cheer you on. Carly becomes more then a life coach she is your friend! You can count on Carly to be there not just in sessions but if you call or msg Carly will get back to you. So warming, caring and radiating her happiness is addictive. Best choice I have ever made. I will continue to use what I have learnt everyday.”  Angela Turner 



The Secrets Behind The Secret E Book Cover“Just wanted to say thanks so much for this [free e book]. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You are doing a wonderful job so keep it up! Thanks again.” Amanda, UK