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Act now before you lose out!

  Hey legend   Just wanted to reiterate what you’ll be missing out on if you miss this live round of From Surviving To Thriving.   Here’s EVERYTHING you get as a member of From Surviving To Thriving:   This is a 6 week transformational journey that includes:    6 x 1 Hour live group video calls (starting 5 June 2024) 6 From Surviving To Thriving Modules (with several lessons in each) 1 hour bonus group distant healing session via…

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Come on in! The doors are officially open! 🥳

  Hey legend!  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! 🤩 I couldn’t be more excited that the day has finally arrived. You can legit sign up for my From Surviving To Thriving Program today!! 👏🏼 I just KNOW how life changing these tools are, because I’ve used them to create my own dream life and have since supported hundreds of clients to do the same. That’s why I wanted all these amazing tools in one place for you – so you don’t have to go…

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Claim your seat in the From Surviving to Thriving Program – Live Round before it’s too late! Offer disappears (Deadline Saturday 25 May 2024 9pm AWST)

  I’m soooo excited to see the shifts we create in the upcoming live round of this program. So far, we’ve welcomed some very special people into my immersive coaching experience. 😍 I’ll be personally guiding them to get unstuck, clear the shite that’s been holding them back and become a happier person over the coming weeks and months. Could you be next? 🤔  In case you’re just catching up and you’ve missed the details of my From Surviving To…

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Big exciting news for you amazing legends! 🤩

  Maybe you’ve been feeling a little (or a lot!) stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, like a shell of your former self and unsure what action to take next? 🥹 Have you ever looked back at a moment in time and KNOWN it was the moment your entire life changed? Well, consider this a sign that change is well and truly on the way.  A BIG FLASHING NEON SIGN. 💠 I know. It’s a fucking big promise, but stay with me, because…

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The importance of cutting energy cords

  Each week I see anywhere between three and forty people for energy work, either in person or via remote healing. 🙌🏻 Because of the amount of people I’m working on each week I notice themes occuring in my clients. These themes can last weeks or even months. One of the themes I’m noticing right now is that people are needing cord cutting.     Just like when we’re born with an umbilical cord attaching us to our mums, we…

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The search for peace

  “I am at a place in my life where peace is a priority. I make deliberate life choices to protect my mental, emotional and spiritual state.” This is a great affirmation you can repeat to yourself if peace has become a goal for you. I spent most of my life always achieving, working towards the next big goal or dream.  I’ve been really blessed to always do work I love, helping people get unstuck from the darkest corners of…

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