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“Having a Reiki treatment with Carly is simply wonderful! I always float away with such a feeling of calmness, happiness and a sense that something amazing has just happened to me. I would recommend a treatment with Carly 100% – it’s just amazing.” ~Kim Ward, Reiki + Life Coaching client and student

Reiki Treatments 

Reiki is a form of natural healing developed by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th century.

It works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Japanese word Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means “universal life force energy.”

This energy (also known as chi, ki, prana) flows through all living things and surrounds every one of us.

If you imagine that each of us is like a rechargeable battery, with our energy levels fluctuating according to our stress levels, food and water intake, whether we get enough sleep, and so on, then a Reiki practitioner is like plugging ourselves into a rechargeable battery pack.

I’m not keen on the term “healer” as I simply give your body extra energy, and your body decides what to do with it – help to heal an injury, de-stress, detox, aid better sleep etc.

During a treatment the client lays comfortably on a treatment table. Treatments usually last around an hour. I check the state of your energy field and repair any damage, balance your chakras, and give a full body healing.

I can also check for and remove stress webs, flush the meridians, and restructure organs and chakras.

Distant healing is also available, and I send a full report of the healing by email following the session which allows you to be involved in your own healing process.

I must admit I was a bit of a skeptical person- one of those I’ll believe it when I feel it and boy did I feel it. I was tired, over-thinking about an upcoming trip I was taking then one day I said to my family I’ve had a great day today, I didn’t think about it once. Checked emails later that day and Carly’s distant healing report was there. Carly had worked her magic! Cleared my chakras explained how they were out and how she put back right. The differences in my energy fields. No wonder I was calm and relaxed that day! Highly recommend!” – Angela Turner 

Common benefits of a Reiki treatment include faster healing for injuries and after operations, feeling more energised, reducing anxiety and stress, physical and emotional detoxing, a feeling of lightness and motivation, better sleep, a sense of peacefulness and well-being. Reiki can be used alongside orthodox healthcare and natural remedies, promoting a faster recovery process.

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“I had a full one hour Reiki session with Carly last night and the energy, the calmness and the level of relaxation I experienced during and also for a long time afterwards was incredible. When I went to see her I didn’t have anything specific to treat other than the everyday grind that can build up tension and stress easily without you even realising it. During the session I felt all of this evaporating from me, leaving such an amazing feeling of balance and well-being which is actually difficult to properly put into words. I thoroughly recommend Carly to anyone for any problem, stress they need to treat of just for everyday general well-being. Totally professional and well worth doing.” ~ Charlie Bradley, Reiki client

“Thank you so much for the distant healing – since my treatment I have slept so much better and amazingly had no pain at all in my broken wrist! I’ve had a very emotional week but I have felt better equipped to deal with it all thanks to you 🙂 the report was very informative, very accurate, motivational and you have reminded me of what I should be doing and practising! You are a true inspiration! Much love and light xxx” ~Nicole Sakarra, distant healing client

“100% honest and trustworthy, Carly is passionate and energetic about what she does – this is why she is so good. All you need to do is be open and honest about yourself and Carly will work with you to remove the negative blockages and help you get back on your feet with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. So go for it, unclip those wings and get transformed!” ~ Monique Foster, Reiki client

“As someone experienced with energy work it’s always refreshing to receive a treatment from Carly as there is no rule book with regards to how a session may go. When the “way” to go can be dictated from the source, Carly flows and adapts and you end up getting something more powerful and unexpected that you ever would have dreamed for. Knowing your healer or therapist has such a strong open connection, and has such pure, heartfelt intention to make someones’ day that much brighter makes each encounter something very special. I always leave Carly knowing that my spirit and physical body are singing the right tune, ready and waiting for what comes my way.” ~ Mandy Milburn, Reiki client and student

“As a natural sceptic, and a Northern English one at that, I was unsure how and if Reiki could help me, but had only ever heard amazing things about Carly’s healing powers, so decided to see if Reiki could help my health get back on track. I’d been ravaged by stress for many years and as a result, the performance of my body had started to wane – everything seemed out of balance, hormones especially. I’d developed chronic tendonitis and bursitis in both shoulders, and chronic osteoarthritis in one toe and both thumbs, candida and become allergic to almost everything… and the list goes on…

I’d just like to explain two of my most powerful experiences with Carly.

In January 2009, at the time synonymous with the above symptoms, I was seeing a very good osteopath with whom I’d always had great results. He was troubled by what he saw when he performed cranial osteopathy on me – he was unable to detect the craniosacral fluid. This extremely important fluid surrounds the spinal cord and brain and has a rhythmic pulse, and not being able to tune into this was something he had never come across before. Variations on pulse and a weak pulse was one thing, but no pulse meant my body was in total disharmony.

As a result, I threw myself open to anyone I thought could help me, and my priority was to see Carly. The results were testament to her talents. I returned to the osteopath a week later, who said the results were ‘nothing short of miraculous’ and was desperate to hear what on earth I’d done to achieve this huge improvement in one week. He was able to tune into the craniosacral fluid, albeit not very fluid. For a period of a few months, I made weekly visits to Carly’s magic hands then the osteopath, and by the end the craniosacral fluid was ‘textbook’, something he admitted could never have been achieved with cranial osteopathy alone and that only small incremental improvements could have been made.

What I experienced during Reiki was incredible relaxation, and great warmth stemming from Carly’s hands. Her energy would flow to the areas where I needed them most, and as a result, I would feel energised and replenished. It’s an incredibly relaxing treatment and non-invasive – something I’m not used to, but immediately felt the benefits from. I couldn’t believe that something so gentle could be so effective. Just “seeing” the energy move from Carly to me was amazing, she would just yawn her was around my body and often become sluggish and take on symptoms while the treatment progressed. Once finished, she would return to normal – and I would emerge a new person!

Another experience I’d like to share is when I was coming down with the dreaded flu – I had laryngitis, swollen glands, dreadfully sore muscles, fever and headache and was rapidly going downhill. Carly put her hands on me for an hour and as a result, I woke up after a nights sleep with absolutely NO symptoms at all, not even feeling urgh! I felt great – so great I couldn’t believe it – not one symptom!!

Reiki is not like anything I had ever tried before, but still remains the most effective treatment I have ever had – certainly one with incredible results. I see Carly when I’m feeling out of kilter, and for regular maintenance sessions, to keep me in balance. Carly is exceptionally gifted and talented at what she does and although Reiki may not necessarily work for everyone, it should be tried by everyone.” ~ Sally Vernon, Reiki client and student