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Coach Carly + Kellie Gilbey drinking champers + talking shit!

  Join Kellie Gilbey and I talking all kinds of cool stuff:   🙌🏻 my journey into (and through) energy work  💞 self love 🫶🏻 recovery from shitty relationships into attracting healthy loving relationships  🫣 what the the last few years has done to our energy fields  🕸️ what are stress webs in our energy ✨ and lots of random funny chats in between!     Comment REPLAY if you’re watching the replay.   Drop a ❤️ in the comments…

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Do you like who you are?

  This isn’t a question many people consider very often but it’s an important one. Do you like who you are in general? What about the person you are (or become) around certain people? 🧐  What percentage of the time are you authentically YOU? Do you even know who your authentic self is? 🥹 I’m happy to say at this stage of my life that I like myself most of the time.  The times when I don’t like who I’m…

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Shit’s fucked but forgive yourself anyway

  Recently the amazing Paris interviewed me for her Shit’s Fucked podcast (love the name!)   We delve deep into self forgiveness, limiting beliefs + societal struggles like addiction.   Check it out on YouTube here:     As always, if you want a guide on your journey, drop me a message + let’s chat about how coaching +/or energy work can help.    Plus come over + join my free group here.   Catcha on the flip side,  …

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Did you grow up in a home with constant yelling?

    I was lucky enough not to grow up like this, but a lot of peeps I know did.    Did you grow up in a home where constant yelling was seen as normal? 🗣️   While this may be common, it’s not normal.    This way of communicating activates our nervous system into “fight, flight or freeze” mode. 😳   This will turn affect how you handle conflict as an adult, especially in your own relationships.   If…

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Someone pissing you off? Try this

  Is someone in your life annoying you at the moment? 😤   Try writing out a list of their positive aspects/traits. 🧐    Once you get going, the list is usually longer than you think it’ll be! 🙃   By doing this you start to observe the things you love about that person as what you focus on is what you get more of (law of attraction), and so you’re brain starts filtering out the things you don’t love…

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Instead of becoming bitter, become better

    “Attitude is a choice.  Happiness is a choice.  Optimism is a choice.  Kindness is a choice.  Giving is a choice.  Respect is a choice.  Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”  – Roy T. Bennett   We’ve all been treated unfairly at times ~ it’s part of life. 😞   Certain situations can lead us to feel angry, upset, mistreated and resentful. 😡    It’s perfectly normal to feel that way, but when you allow yourself to…

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