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The power of words

  Are you aware of the power of the words you’re using day in and day out? 🗣️  I was listening to my coach talk about this on her podcast The Mind School where she was interviewing a psychologist who said the term “experiencing depression” instead of “struggling with depression“.  A lot of people wouldn’t pick up on the intentional change in wording there, but this is something I do too. By changing the way you word things, you’re changing…

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OMG it’s like you’re speaking to me!!

  I get emails and messages all the time saying “OMG woman, I feel like you’re speaking directly to me”! My fave is one long term client and friend who says “Carly, you’re in my brain again” 😂😂😂 You know why this is? Because I am! With so many of the things I write about, I was once there too. 🥹 Abusive, codependent, toxic relationships. 💔  So broke I couldn’t buy loo roll one week. Being a people pleaser, saying…

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The search for peace

  “I am at a place in my life where peace is a priority. I make deliberate life choices to protect my mental, emotional and spiritual state.” This is a great affirmation you can repeat to yourself if peace has become a goal for you. I spent most of my life always achieving, working towards the next big goal or dream.  I’ve been really blessed to always do work I love, helping people get unstuck from the darkest corners of…

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Exciting News! 🤩

  EXCITING NEWS! 🤩 Exciting News! 🤩  I’m excited to have just qualified as a NEUROFIT Certified Trainer. Nervous system regulation is something I’ve become increasingly aware of over the years, for me personally but also for my clients. I’m really keen to watch the positive shifts for those I work with as well as for my own life. Having spent 12 years now living with chronic pain and still healing from the accumulation of years worth of trauma and…

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Coach Carly + Kellie Gilbey drinking champers + talking shit!

  Join Kellie Gilbey and I talking all kinds of cool stuff:   🙌🏻 my journey into (and through) energy work  💞 self love 🫶🏻 recovery from shitty relationships into attracting healthy loving relationships  🫣 what the the last few years has done to our energy fields  🕸️ what are stress webs in our energy ✨ and lots of random funny chats in between!     Comment REPLAY if you’re watching the replay.   Drop a ❤️ in the comments…

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Do you like who you are?

  This isn’t a question many people consider very often but it’s an important one. Do you like who you are in general? What about the person you are (or become) around certain people? 🧐  What percentage of the time are you authentically YOU? Do you even know who your authentic self is? 🥹 I’m happy to say at this stage of my life that I like myself most of the time.  The times when I don’t like who I’m…

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