Self love is the cure to self hate

It’s part of the human condition to talk critically to ourselves; some people do this more than others, but we all do it to some extent.

Let’s be real for a minute.

If that negative self talk in your head was an actual person, would you wanna hang out with them all day?

I’m guessing not.

I’m usually pretty good with my self talk, but I’m human too and occasionally my Negative Nancy gets the better of me.

I sure as shit wouldn’t invite Negative Nancy along to my birthday/Christmas/wedding etc.

If she was a real person I’d tell her to fuck off and kick her out the house like I used to do when randoms would rock up at my house parties.

(Soooo many randoms… I did throw good parties though 🙂 )

If you let your Negative Nancy/Norman get the better of you, you’ll spiral quickly into self hate.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You are 100% in control of thoughts.

When you’re having an off day/week/month/year and you’re tired, depressed, rejected etc then it’s definitely harder to control your thinking, but it’s still possible.

If you’re really in struggle town with changing your thinking, try soothing yourself like you would soothe a child who’d hurt themselves.

Try going for a walk or moving your body in some way.

Even better, do it barefoot to get some grounding happening, which brings you back to the present moment and reduces inflammation in the body.

Sometimes the best thing you can do to break the pattern of negative thinking is going to bed.

Note – I don’t advocate for too much of this as this can lead to/keep you in depression.

Try giving yourself a time limit and tell yourself tomorrow is a new day: plan ahead and have something nice organised that will lift your spirits.

The way out of self hate is focusing on self love.

I’m always banging on about self love, because it really is the antidote to everything.

If you 100% loved yourself, what in your life would be different?

What would you not put up with?

If you 100% loved and respected yourself you would:

And you sure wouldn’t hang out with Negative Nancy/Norman all day!

If you need help dealing with your negative self talk and learning to love yourself more, drop me a message and let’s chat.

Catcha on the flip side,

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