One-on-One Coaching



Are you ready to seriously change your life?

Group coaching and online programs are amazing, but nothing really beats the personal touch with 1:1 coaching totally tailored to you, your life and your circumstances.

When we work together via phone or Skype (or potentially in person if you’re in Perth, Australia), you’ll receive my undivided attention.

We will smash through any obstacles that are getting in your way from achieving what you want in life and clear the past baggage holding you back.

We will finally get rid of those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck, set goals (no matter how big or small), increase your vibration so you feel better every day, and help you attract all those things you’re longing for in life.

I have a number of different tools I use depending on the client and situation including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique also known as tapping), NLP (neurolinguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), QFT (Quantum Freedom Therapy, a mixture between EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy), energy work, limiting belief clearing and much more.

Available packages

I have a range of packages available:

Starter package – 3 session coaching package

Dig Deep package – 3 sessions of coaching plus 3 energy treatments

Go Deeper package – 6 sessions of coaching and 6 energy treatments – for those who are totally committed and serious about their healing!

If you want to chat to me first to see if we are a good fit, then I’d love to hear from you – either call me on 0405 059 136, or email me to book in a free, no obligation chat. You can also book a call (via phone or Skype) – email me or message me via my Facebook page. 

Looking forward to working with you!