Healing is a journey, not an event


I’ve been coaching and doing energy work since 2006, and a common question I get is “how often should I have a session/treatment”?

Personal development and clearing your emotional baggage is a lifetime of work.

It’s an ongoing journey, not just a single point in time.

Sure, you can feel significantly better after a single session.

But if you’re really committed to becoming the best version of yourself, then commit to regular sessions.

I’ve been working on myself now for 20 plus years and I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life.

I do energy work and coaching on myself almost every single day, and go for regular treatments with others for kinesiology, energy healing, sound healing, bowen, chiropractic, coaching – whatever I intuitively feel my body needs at the time.

We like to think we come into this life as a blank slate, but the reality is we are already born full of the belief systems and stuck energy of our ancestral lineage, culture, and past lives.

We can inherit fears and beliefs when we are in the womb from our mother and father.

We also accumulate baggage and trauma throughout our lifetime, and our priorities, goals and values also change as we age.

All of this needs to be worked on to live our best lives as our best selves.

This is why the work is never done.

When we start healing ourselves we start with the surface level bullshit.

As time goes on and you get to deeper layers, you get clearer and lighter and get triggered less often, but when you do it can be darker and nastier shit as you get to the real core wounds.

Anyone who tells you they’ve done all the work on themselves is a bullshitter.

I’ll never stop working on myself.


Because I’m 1000% committed to living my best life and being my best self.

If you are too, let’s chat about whether we are a good fit to work together through coaching and energy work.

Soon, I’ll be opening my doors to work with only 2 people individually in an intensive 3 months of personal development and healing.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll get 6 energy treatments and 6 coaching sessions helping you to clear the shit that’s keeping you stuck and move towards living your best life as your best self.

I’ll release an application form for this soon; only people who are also 1000% committed to doing the work should apply.

I want to go really deep with these 2 clients, to make massive progress in their lives.

If this sounds like something you’re keen for, message me now and maybe you’ll get in before applications open.

Catcha on the flip side, where we are living our best lives,








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