What I’m learning from Project Self Love (that will be true for you too)

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A couple of weeks ago I shared this vulnerable post on Facebook where I talked about how I have become increasingly aware of this empty feeling inside, and despite 15 years of doing personal development on myself I couldn’t quite figure out where this feeling was coming from. It felt lonely, empty, sad, unhappy, dissatisfied and like there was this longing feeling – a sense of missing something, but I wasn’t sure what that “something” was.

In the last few years I’ve achieved massive goals for myself – I moved to Australia, fell in love, got residency, built a beautiful home overlooking the ocean, got engaged and quit my job to become a full time lady boss.

And yet this feeling kept growing, and I felt this sadness inside but I didn’t know why. I was also stuck in a couple of patterns that have repeated in my life and I’ve tackled them head on from all kinds of angles, but I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I felt like I was regularly in and out of resistance energy and not as motivated as I usually am.

I was listening to a podcast one day on my beach walk and she said that everything always comes back to self worth.

I had a huge “aha!” moment where I realised that was it – THAT was the thing I had never worked on.

In my early days of being in Australia I found myself in depression. I was tree planting to get my next visa to allow me to stay in Australia, and so for the first time in years I found myself in a position where I wasn’t helping anyone. I’ve always been in helping professions, and can remember helping friends with their problems from a really young age.

Suddenly I wasn’t helping anyone, and I had a realisation that all of my self worth came from helping other people. I also realised that wasn’t the way it should be, and so I set about getting into a good self care routine. But looking back on that time now, I never really got deep down n dirty into really exploring my self worth/self love.

During that aha moment on the beach, I made a decision to focus my attention on increasing my self love and really exploring where this was all coming from, and I embarked on Project Self Love with a few other friends who were in the same boat.

I’ve been compiling a playlist on YouTube (you can check it out here for free if you feel like you need this too) and doing stuff every day to improve my self worth – EFT (tapping), meditation, discovering and clearing the limiting beliefs I have around this, affirmations, listening to subliminal music, self healing, kinesiology, exercise (yoga to open the heart chakra is great), and lots of reflection.

What I’ve noticed is this:

  • I’m feeling really happy and content
  • That empty/hollow feeling has gone
  • My personal boundaries have improved without me even having to try
  • I’m much more motivated (again it’s not an effort at all)
  • I’m loving my exercise
  • I’m sleeping really well
  • I’m not feeling tempted to eat when I’m not hungry (which I was doing before, trying to fill an empty hole)
  • New clients are flocking to me
  • My abundance has increased, and so has the free stuff coming my way (because now I’m valuing myself more, so are others)
  • I’m back in flow

When I wrote my original post on Facebook, it seemed to resonate with a lot of people who were grateful for my share. Does this resonate with you too? If so, check out my playlist on YouTube and do something every day. Listen to the meditation at bedtime, do one or more EFT videos a day, and play the subliminal music while you sleep (you don’t even need to be able to hear it, it all still goes in to your subconscious).

See how you go with that, and let me know how you feel as a result.

If you’d like more support working on this with me, then get in touch as I’d love to help you out.

Catcha on the flip side,



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