How Is Not Confronting Your Dark Side Serving You?

It doesn’t matter who you are, or how successful you are – we all have shit from our past that can keep us stuck.
Old, core wound shit that has led to feelings of being unlovable, unworthy, useless, stupid, not good enough.
The core wound shit that has attracted people, situations and relationships into our lives that “prove” that we aren’t good enough
over and over – until we do the work to heal our wounds.
This stuff happens to all of us on some level, even if all you remember is a happy childhood.
Core wounds aren’t just reserved for those of us who’ve experienced the more obvious kinds of trauma.
We’ve all experienced some kind of trauma or abuse – or even been in the womb when that’s happened to our mum, leading us to absorb the energy of “danger” or “I’m not safe.”
At some point we get to a stage in our lives where this core wound stuff really damages our relationships with others.
We need to do the work to heal the wounds – it isn’t an easy path and so it seems much easier to avoid doing the work.
Until we hit a crisis point, that is.
How is not talking about the shit stuff in your past and present serving you?
Is it helping, or hindering you?
Is it moving you towards yourgoals?
Or is it keeping you stuck?
Stuck in a place of pain, where you take out your angerresentment,depression and hurts on other people who have nothing to do with why the pain is there in the first place?
Stuck in feelinglow energy, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, angerresentment, bitterness?
Stuck in victim mode?
Always getting sick or burnt out?
Just generally never really feeling happy inside, no matter what you achieve on the outside?
If you don’t do the work to change it, then what do you expect to change?
There are a multitude of ways you can work on healing your pain and how you go about it depends on what is the right fit for you.
You could try counselling techniques like psychotherapy, EMDR, DBT, etc to help start getting shit out of your head.
You could also try other modalities such as coaching, EFT, energy work, kinesiology, meditation, sound healing, plant medicine.. there are countless ways to heal pain.
Everything works, it’s about what works for you.
I’m a big fan of the “chuck everything at it” approach – using a combination of things to tackle healing from different levels.
We are like an onion, with layers of pain and hurt to peel back.
It’s not easy work to start peeling back the layers, but when you start shifting the pain you’ll feel a kind of lightness, love and compassion you wouldn’t have felt before.
You’ll have better relationships and friendships.
You’ll trust yourself more.
It’s 1000000% worth it.
Find teachers, mentors and guides that you get along with and who’s work resonates with you.
This stuff shouldn’t be done alone; find a team to help you.
I’m about to launch a live round of my online coaching program, From Surviving To Thriving, which is an online 6 module program where I help you work through the shit that’s holding you back.
This live round will also include weekly Facebook lives on my closed group to answer any questions and talk through each module.
I’ll be doing the work with the members at the same time – this work can be repeated whenever more stuff comes up to work through and you’ll get lifetime access so can repeat it too whenever you want.
Check it out here, and drop me a message if you’re keen to join us on the live round.
Catcha on the flip side,


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