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What is the cost of you deciding to stay stuck?

Life is full of people who love a good whinge. People who like to whinge, but do nothing about it. How many people do you know who complain about their job, their weight, their partner, whatever it might be – but while they complain, they don’t do anything about it? There are really only ever two options for a situation you don’t feel good about – change the situation, or change how you feel about it. You’re not a tree.…

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Are you feeling lost/stuck right now? Here’s what you can do about it.

  Recently I keep having a similar conversation with clients and friends – a lot of people seem to be feeling really lost or stuck right now. Watch the video here on YouTube if you can’t see it below.     Are you feeling this way at the moment too? Maybe you made a big decision a few years ago like moving to another city/country, starting a new job like working at the mines, ended a relationship… and now you’re…

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4 easy things to do when you’re feeling stuck

Are you feeling in resistance mode right now? By that I mean – are you feeling stuck, are you feeling angry or resentful, or any other negative emotions that are keeping you from feeling like you can move forward? I’ve definitely been there on and off for the last few weeks, brought on by dealing with annoying technical issues with my laptop and social media, but needing to get stuff done nonetheless. I was noticing that when I had to…

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What to do when you’re feeling stuck or depressed {video}

Hey guys Today I have a video for you that I recorded the other day as a Facebook Live video. I recorded this for anyone who is currently feeling stuck, anxious, depressed and/or suicidal at the moment – you are NOT alone. This video was inspired by listening to other people’s stories about how they hit rock bottom and came out the other side. Please watch and share xx Click here to watch the video. Are you ready to stop…

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Questions To Ask Yourself When You Feel Stuck

  Are you going through a rough time right now and feeling a bit stuck?   I always find it helpful to ask questions – in my mind, often at night before I go to sleep. Then just let it go and wait to receive the answers.   Sometimes the answer comes in unexpected ways. It might be a conversation with a stranger, something you read, a gift, it could be anything or a mixture of things. But if you…

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How Is Not Confronting Your Dark Side Serving You?

It doesn’t matter who you are, or how successful you are – we all have shit from our past that can keep us stuck. Old, core wound shit that has led to feelings of being unlovable, unworthy, useless, stupid, not good enough. The core wound shit that has attracted people, situations and relationships into our lives that “prove” that we aren’t good enough over and over – until we do the work to heal our wounds. This stuff happens to all of us on some…

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