How Reiki can heal your shoulder pain + give you back your life

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Are you suffering from shoulder pain?

Maybe you’ve had this pain for weeks, months or even years?

What’s that costing you?

When you’re in pain all the time you can’t sleep properly, so you’re tired, cranky and irritable during the day which probably isn’t having a great effect on your relationships.

You’re trying to manage it with pain medication which isn’t necessarily helping your digestive system. You’re having time off work for medical appointments like seeing the GP, Chiro or Physio. If you’re in a labour intensive job this will be costing you time and money, especially if you’re running your own biz.

You’re also unlikely to be exercising properly so maybe you’ve packed on some weight that you’re unhappy about.

You’re scared it won’t change because it feels like you’re trying everything – the GP, medication, yoga, Chiro, Physio, massage etc, but all of this just seems to be managing the symptoms and not healing it.

What’s this really costing you in terms of time, money, health, wellbeing, and your relationships?

What would it mean to you to break free from shoulder pain?

It could potentially change your life, right?

You’d get your health back, your energy back, you’d get your fitness back, your relationships would improve as you wouldn’t be cranky all the time, you’d maybe be able to drop a few kilos, and you’d be able to be consistent in your work life so consistently bringing home the dollars.

You can also play with your kids pain free again.

I’ve been doing energy treatments since 2005 and have been combining it with coaching since 2008 in some of my treatments with amazing results.

Recently I started with a new client who had been suffering with shoulder pain for the last 12 months. He’s been seeing his Chiro and going for remedial massage, and felt like those sessions were managing the pain but not necessarily healing it. He runs his own business which is labour intensive so this was affecting his work, sleep, health and finances.

Physical pain has usually always started out as an emotional issue that is left unresolved, potentially from years ago. With shoulders, this is the area of burden and responsibility. While I was working on him with energy, I was also asking coaching questions to get to the source of the issue.

After one session he text me saying his shoulder was 100% better. He rated the pain as being as low as 1/10. I then saw him for a second session where we worked on that 1/10, and worked on the emotional cause of the physical issue at a deeper level.

When physical issues are treated from the root cause, they can be healed quickly. When we work purely on a physical level, we are just putting a band aid on the symptom, and sometimes you’ll have a pain in your body that will have been there for years. You’ll try all kinds of things that do give you relief, but the issue comes back if the emotional cause isn’t resolved. We need to get to the source of the pain and heal it from the source.

I offer these treatments across the Perth metro area, or if you’re not in Perth they can also be done via phone or video call.

If you’re keen to find out more then I’d love to hear from you 🙂







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