Is your mood impacting your immune system?

The interaction between our mental health and physical health is complex, but there is now more and more research being done into it.

Researchers have now found a wealth if evidence to show that when we suppress our emotions, we also suppress our immune system.

They’ve also found that positive emotions support the immune system, leading to faster healing time from illness and injury.

Research has found that those who’ve lost a spouse can take up to a year to recover a healthy immune system, and long term caregivers have suppressed immune systems compared to the general population.

Survivors of abuse and trauma, and those with post traumatic stress disorder, have much higher levels of cortisol, which negatively effects the immune system.

People experiencing loneliness, anger, trauma and relationships issues also have a suppressed immune system.

A suppressed immune system leads to longer lasting infections, wounds taking longer to heal, and more frequent illnesses.

So what can you do to improve your immune system?

Simple stuff really; have fun with family and friends – laughter and social connection have a positive effect on our health lasting several hours.

Do whatever relaxes you; walks on the beach, reading, meditation, yoga, watching the sunset – whatever makes your heart sing.

Focus on reducing the stress in your life; stress heightens cortisol and adrenaline, which work well for us in the short term, but negatively effect the immune system over a longer period of time.

Eat well, drink lots of water and get enough sleep – the usual 🙂

It also means healing the past so that you can reduce the emotional baggage that is holding you back.

Reflect on why you might be suppressing your emotions, and get help and support if you need through counselling, coaching, healing – whatever works for you.

It takes a bit of effort to reflect on your health, your lifestyle, and your mindset to really see how they all work together for you as an individual, but it’s worth it.

What simple changes can you make today that can last a lifetime?

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