Change your inner world to change your outer world

Is your life exactly as you want it to be?

The world is full of people complaining about their job/relationship/money troubles, take your pick.

But the truth is that our external world is really only a mirror for our inner world and how we’re treating ourselves.

Here’s a few examples:

Clutter in your external environment = clutter in your brain space

Feeling unloved = not loving yourself enough

Feeling disrespected/used/taken for granted = not setting good personal boundaries = lack of self love/self respect

Lack of money = lack of feeling worthy of money

You almost always create more change when you do it from the inside out.

When we do the inner work, our outer world also improves.

No it’s not easy, and no it’s not an overnight fix.

But it’s SO worth it.

Some of the inner work that has helped me over the years include:

Limiting beliefs are the lies that we’ve told ourselves often enough that we believe them and are usually formed at a young age based on other people’s opinions, e.g. I’m not good enough, I’m stupid, I’m unloveable. When we can release these crappy believes we can create new positive beliefs that support us in achieving our goals.

When we release the stuck, negative energetic clutter, we can become more of a magnet for what we want in life.

Reflective practice is a really useful tool when it comes to looking at things that went “wrong” and thinking about how we could have approached it in a different way, looking at the things we learned from that challenge.

By knowing what you want you can also figure out what kind of person you need to be to achieve it, then do the work to become that person.

By focusing on increasing my self worth and self respect by loving myself in a healthy way, I set better boundaries for myself and my life and my whole life improved as a result.

By releasing the emotional baggage from the past and forgiving myself and others it’s had a profound effect on my happiness levels.

There are plenty more amazing tools and processes I’ve used over the years that I also teach to my clients but the list is a long one!!

What’s showing up in your world that you’re not keen on? What inner work do you think you could do to change it?

If you’re not sure, drop me a message and we can talk it out 

Even better, get some coaching on it!

Catcha on the flip side,


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