Trauma is the gateway


I saw a very thought provoking quote by Russell Brand (love him) the other day that is so true.


“Cannabis isn’t a gateway drug. Alcohol isn’t a gateway drug. Nicotine isn’t a gateway drug. Caffeine isn’t a gateway drug.


Trauma is the gateway. Childhood abuse is the gateway. Molestation is the gateway. Neglect is the gateway.


Drug abuse, violent behaviour, hyper sexuality and self-harm are often the symptoms (not the cause) of much bigger issues. And it often stems from a childhood filled with trauma, absent parents, and an abusive family.


But most people are too busy laughing at the homeless and drug addicts to realise that your own children could be in their shoes in 15 years.”


If you haven’t already, start watching Russell’s videos. He talks so much sense and talks a lot about his own addictions and healing journey.


I see examples of what he describes every day, whether in my work in the justice system, in mental health, in my coaching clients, or in my Reiki clients


I see it too in friends and family.


Trauma is a part of most people’s lives, even if you had a stable and happy childhood.


I’ve been asked in the past “what do you want to waste your time on homeless junkies for?”


Reminds me of another good quote by Lenny the Geeza: “I don’t judge people on colour, race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability or size… I base it on whether or not they’re a twat.”


Right on, Lenny.


Apart from wanting to punch people in the face when they ask me stupid questions, I reflect back to them that we all have it in us to be a “homeless junkie” if the right/wrong combination of things happened.


Who the fuck are you to judge someone when you’ve never walked in their shoes?


We all hold pain in our body, soul and mind.


We all deal with that pain in different ways.


Some of us are lucky enough to have good people in our lives to help us.


Some of us don’t feel worthy enough to accept that kind of love and sabotage the fuck out of it, continuing their journey of trauma by abusing themselves in various ways.


Some go searching for love in all the wrong places.


By laughing and joking about people who are living out their trauma brain (yes, trauma damages the brain and causes faulty wiring), you are just causing more trauma and adding to their self worth issues


Imagine a world where everyone on the planet is just 5% kinder to everyone they meet.


Just 5% more loving to others, and even themselves.


The world can be a much more loving and happy place if we all just band together and stop adding to the trauma.


Be kind to each other. Especially those who are hurting.


Try my favourite technique to release past trauma: forgiveness.


Check out my forgiveness freebie here. 


Love to you all.


Catcha on the flip side,


C H A N G E +
T R A U M 

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