How are you allowing your partner to treat you?

I was chatting to a friend the other day about a guy she’s been seeing for a few months.

She was really upset about the way she’s being treated and she’s well aware that she’s allowing it to happen due to her own limiting beliefs and self-worth issues

Not everyone is as aware as my friend about how much she is feeding into the situation.

A lot of us in relationships can get stuck into blame and victim mode when things aren’t going well.

Why do they keep doing this to me?

I’ve told them a million times and they aren’t listening?

It all comes down to personal boundaries – and boundaries come down to your level of self-worth.

If you know that you don’t just want to be someone’s booty call, and you tell them that but keep picking up the phone anyway, what message are you giving them?

If you know you won’t accept being cheated on, and you tell them that, but keep taking them back, what message are you giving them?h

If you know you want to be treated with respect, but you disrespect yourself by allowing their behaviour to continue, what message are you giving them?

What message are you giving them? 

  • by letting them treat you that way
  • by letting them speak to you that way
  • by allowing yourself to be treated like an option and not the priority
  • by continuing the relationship even when your needs aren’t being met

And more importantly, why are you continuing to disrespect YOURSELF?
We do this because 

  • we don’t love ourselves enough
  • we think we aren’t good enough
  • we think we’re not worthy


I help my clients to identify their needs and values, and see where their lives are out of sync with them.

I support my clients to figure out and release the emotional baggage that’s keeping them stuck so they can be their best self (and not put up with shitty relationships).

I help my clients release the limiting beliefs that are holding them back so they can love themselves more and attract better people into their lives.

And I’ve done this for myself too – it’s taken years of work to get myself to a place where I can really allow and receive amazing love into my life. 

I allowed myself to be emotionally and financially abused for a really long time until I let go of ALL THE SHIT.

Once I did that, the most incredible love I’ve ever known came my way.
I love helping others to do this too.

What would your life be like if you truly loved, honoured, respected, cherished and prioritised YOURSELF? 

What would you not be putting up with anymore?

Sit with this question today. I’d love to hear your comments.

And please get in touch with me if you’re ready to take action to let go of all your shit.

It’s a wild, amazing ride when you do.

Catcha on the flip side,

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