Let’s not just survive, let’s thrive! Join my online program From Surviving To Thriving – by donation


We are living in corona-cray cray times. 

Every, single, one of us, is experiencing heightened stress and anxiety.

Each of us ​​​​​​​​is experiencing different challenges during this time with family members, colleagues, and our own internal struggles. 

A few weeks ago I had announced that I was about to launch a live round of my online coaching program, From Surviving To Thriving. 

Then all the shit really hit the fan, and around the world, so many of us are in lockdown trying to keep ourselves safe from COVID-19.

I’m seriously missing my family in the UK and Holland right now, and who knows when we will be free to travel again.

In the meantime, we are all making more of an effort to connect to each other online.

Initially, I wondered if I should delay the live round of my course.

And then I thought, what better time to launch such a course?

This program will help you reduce stress and anxiety by teaching you tools you can use to calm yourself in the moment, as well as learning effective strategies to release past emotional baggage for good

Each week there will be live videos in the private Facebook group. There are 6 modules, and within each module there are worksheets and videos that will help you understand a lot more about how you tick, what your triggers and needs are, and what you want for your future.

You can find out more about the course by clicking here.


​​And even better, I show you a sneak peak of the course here, where you can see what it all looks like in the members area!


​​It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see so many people losing their jobs at this time, financially having no idea how they’ll make it through.

For this reason, I’d like to offer up this course to whoever is struggling right now, by donation only – a pay what you can afford kinda deal (minimum $10).

This course is usually $497.

I know without a doubt that you will benefit greatly from the tools in this course, as well as the support you’ll get in the members area.

I’m planning to launch this as a live round on 13 April 2020 – Easter Monday.

I’d love love love it if you feel called to join us; and if you know others who may benefit from this, please do them a favour and tag them in this – also please share this post!

The more peeps who can do this work together, the better.

We CAN survive, AND thrive during this traumatic time.

But we need to do it TOGETHER.

You’ve got this.

And I’ve got your back.

Join us now – send me a private message and let’s chat.

Catcha on the flip side,


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