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Are you sick of this shit too?

  Every week I get several emails from people wanting to push their sales pitch onto me which goes something like this:   Sends friend request Friend request accepted Immediate message sent after a brief look over my profile so they can mention something about either my dog or my business Asking me what my current goal is Third message generally entails something along the lines of “buy my shit” after telling me how great their life is and how…

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Healing is a journey, not an event

  I’ve been coaching and doing energy work since 2006, and a common question I get is “how often should I have a session/treatment”? Personal development and clearing your emotional baggage is a lifetime of work. It’s an ongoing journey, not just a single point in time. Sure, you can feel significantly better after a single session. But if you’re really committed to becoming the best version of yourself, then commit to regular sessions. I’ve been working on myself now…

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Day One or One Day – you decide

  We all have things in our life that we dream about doing. Those dreams that we know would deeply fulfil us if we were able to achieve them. What stops us from reaching for those dreams with inspired action is our limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, insecurities, feeling like we don’t have the time/money/knowledge etc, and thinking that we may get there “one day”. The road someday leads to nowhere. What if you were to turn today into Day…

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A tight grip is a weak grip

  I saw a post on linked in the other day that said “a tight grip is a weak grip” and it got me thinking about all the scenarios in which this is true.   Relationships ~ by holding tightly onto a relationship that may not be aligned with your highest good, you prevent yourself from healing what you need to in order to attract someone who is meant for you.   Jobs ~ we stay too long in jobs…

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Exciting new offerings

  I’m so excited to share what I’ve been learning over the last few months which is really up-levelling my own vibration as well as significantly changing the way I do treatments! I’ve been learning new coaching and healing tools and it’s time to offer these in combination with my usual coaching sessions and treatments. QUANTUM FREEDOM THERAPY QFT is an awesome mix between EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping), NLP (neuro-linguistic programmatic), and hypnotherapy. In these sessions…

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All that you are

  Hey, you.   Yes – you, you beautiful soul.   Just stop with the scrolling, just for a minute.   Right now, in this moment, I want you to think about all that you are, instead of all that you are not.   Stop criticising yourself.   Think about yourself as the magnificent being that you are.   The odds of you even existing are one in 400 trillion (calculated by Dr Ali Binazir from Harvard).   Add to…

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