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Do you ever look at your life and think “yeah, I have a good life, but isn’t there something more I should know?”

When I was in my mid-teens, I had so many questions about life.

I could never believe that when you die, there is nothing else.

I had a good life, close loving family unit, we lived in a great house in a nice part of the world and nothing majorly traumatic had happened in my life at that point.

But I found myself looking out into the world and thinking really? Is this all there is?

I’m just supposed to finish school, go to Uni, get married, have 2.4 kids and work in a job I hate for the rest of my life?

I just didn’t get it.

There was something that didn’t fit for me – I wanted all those things, but I just had this deep inner knowing that there was so much more that I was supposed to know.

With such an inquisitive mind it was only natural for me to study psychology and philosophy at school.

Philosophy, while it interested me, absolutely did my head in!

I really didn’t get how you could pose a theoretical perspective on something, write an essay on it and get an A*** you basically blabbed your heart out enough to give credit to your theory.

That didn’t sit right with me.

Questions like why are we really here? What happens after we die? Is the spirit world real? Do we reincarnate and why/why not? Why don’t I feel like I quite “fit? even though I have a good life with lots of friends? seemed to do my young head in more and more.

There was nobody around me that I seemed to be able to talk to about it in a deep and meaningful way.

I’m a super dooper DnM (Deep n Meaningful) kinda gal, and everything around me seemed too “surface-level bullshit.”

I wanted something more, but I didn’t really have a clue what that was.

I felt like I was searching/longing for something, with no idea of what that “thing” actually was.

Fast forward to age 21.

I was living in London, going to Uni, and doing a hell of a lot of partying.

This is when I met my “soul family,” and we would spent hours hanging out and just having mammouth DnM’s.

They just “got” me on a deeper level than anyone had before.

It was like we had so many previous lifetimes together, and we were just catching up on this lifetime.

Finally I felt I had found my place 🙂

It was this crew that introduced me intro the world of spirituality, body wisdom and energy work.

One of them gave me the book “The Celestine Prophecy” which rocked my world, and again I totally “got” it.

This led me into learning about energy work, and this started with my Reiki level 1 and 2, with Master/Teacher level following the next year.

I remember sitting in the Reiki workshop and just feeling like I had finally found what I was looking for.

Finally something that totally resonated with me.

I never was one for loving sitting at school all day long – I was intelligent enough to do well at school but didn’t feel like I was being taught anything I loved except for psychology.

But when it came to Reiki, it was like I was rediscovering something I already knew but had forgotten.

I became like a sponge, soaking up the wealth of information, and again had more questions about how it all worked.

I had to learn to really let go of my logical brain getting in the way of something so magical, and just practiced my little heart out. And I basically haven’t stopped!

I’ve learned many other things along the way that complement Reiki – Seichem and Luxor Light (another two types of energy healing), crystals, working with a pendulum, reading cards, kinesiology… it goes on and on.

I never get bored of learning more about the way we work, the way we can reach our potential, how we can heal ourselves without western medicine and so on.

Reiki – and meeting my soul family – really was the start of my own personal spiritual journey, which led me very quickly to wanting to help others and teach them too.

I’ve been practicing Reiki, doing distant healing and in person treatments, and teaching others Reiki since I was 2006.

I will never stop, and never get bored, because it’s such a wonderful thing to know and experience.

It really helps your own self development as you commit to knowing that you’re in full control of your life.

I currently teach Reiki 1, 2 and Master/Teacher level as well as Advanced Healing Techniques in Perth, Australia (and online for those who request it).

I generally teach small groups but I can also teach on a 1:1 basis when needed.

If you would like to know more or book in for a workshop, email me or contact me via my Facebook page.

Catcha on the flip side 🙂



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