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Try this to release past hurts

    We all have emotional baggage from our past that holds us back from achieving our goals and being our best self.    One of my favourite things to do is to help others uncover what’s holding them back so they can become the best version of themselves.   Out of the hundreds of tools I’ve learned along the way, forgiveness work is my number one go-to if I’m stuck.   The first forgiveness technique I learned was taught…

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Does your partner support your goals?

    Cam is the first partner I’ve ever had who is as goal focused as I am. 🥰   I’m constantly committed to personal development + learning new things but I’ve always done this on my own or with other like minded friends ~ none of my exes ever wanted to share stuff like that with me.   I’m into plenty of woo-woo stuff that Cam’s not necessarily interested in, but I did teach him how to do energy…

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Stop saying “should” – use “will” and “must”

    How often do you tell yourself you “should” do something?   I really should save money instead of buy that thing. 💰    I really should get up earlier to get to the gym.  🏋🏼    I really should look after myself better.   Should doesn’t often eventuate because there’s already a lack of commitment in the statement.    How does it feel when you replace “should” with “will” or “must”?   It becomes a thing that you’re…

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Are you brave enough to make your dreams a reality?

    At least once a week, somebody says to me “you’re sooooo lucky!”   Luck has nothing to do with it.    I posted a pic of the ocean on one of my usual beach walks close to my house an a guy in Scotland said “you’re so lucky – it’s so cold here.”   Luck has nothing to do with it.    He assumed I’d been raised here in Aus.    I first visited Aus from London when…

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He’s my reflection

    I N T I M A C Y ~ into me, I see ❤️   After what felt like a lifetime of failed relationships, I met my amazing fiancé Cam when I was 38.   In our last few years together I’ve realised how much all my relationships have been a reflection of how I feel about myself and what I need to heal.    My past relationships were a reflection of;   🥹 how I put others…

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Success on instagram vs reality

    INSTAGRAM 🚘 shiny new cars 🏝️ endless holidays  💰 money living the laptop lifestyle  🤗 no problems    REALITY 😴 5am starts ✍🏻 setting goals 🤩 taking action 💯 hard work 💩 constantly working on your own shit 👤 confronting your own shadow   Decide what you want. Write that shit down. Make a fucking plan. Take  Inspired  Action Every Fucking  Day   A typical day in the life of me is:    😴getting up at 5am 💪🏻getting…

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