He’s my reflection



I N T I M A C Y ~ into me, I see ❤️


After what felt like a lifetime of failed relationships, I met my amazing fiancé Cam when I was 38.


In our last few years together I’ve realised how much all my relationships have been a reflection of how I feel about myself and what I need to heal. 


My past relationships were a reflection of;


🥹 how I put others needs before my own

✋🏻 how hard I found it to set boundaries

❤️‍🩹 my lack of self love

💔 my fear of not being wanted, or being rejected and abandoned

⛔️ how I focused on healing others before healing myself

🥹 how all my validation and self worth came from helping other people

🥴 how I kept attracting people that needed “rescuing” so it kept me distracted and stopped me moving forward with my goals 


When I met Cam, I was so acutely aware of what I needed to heal.


I put so many boundaries up to protect myself, wanting to go slow so I could watch out for those pesky red flags instead of fall in love too quickly. 🚩 


Through becoming my true authentic self and turning my scars into stars, I became the version of myself that realised I was worthy enough for the kind of magnificent love he had to offer me. 🥰


I didn’t know that men like him really existed, and for a long time didn’t let myself believe it.


I’d spent so many years allowing others to abuse me in various ways, playing small so I’d be accepted, allowing them to walk all over me to stop me from shining my amazing light into the world. 💫


I was determined I’d never allow anyone to dim my light again.


I had to do a lot more work on myself when I met Cam, to let his love in.


To accept that I deserved that kind of love.


He is my mirror; he reflects how far I’ve come and how much I’ve healed.


All my relationships have been a mirror… but usually showing me what I very much needed to heal. 💔 


He loves me unconditionally, with all my clumsiness and flaws. 🙃


He has my back 100% and was so patient while he kicked back and gave me space to sort my shit out. 


I’m so grateful to him for what he’s brought to my life. 😍


And I’m so grateful to myself that I did the work I needed to do to let his love in.


I’m no longer shining alone, we shine together. 🤩


I hope everyone on this planet gets to experience this kind of love.


Two broken halves don’t make a whole.


Two balanced people joining forces is where the magic happens.


Do the work. It’s worth it.


Much love to you.


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Catcha on the flip side,


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