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Get rid of what makes you unhappy

    I heard a good quote on a podcast I was listening to recently: “Happiness isn’t what you find, it’s what’s left when you get rid of all the things that make you unhappy.” I also love this quote: “Don’t chase the light; the light will drop in automatically when you heal your trauma.” Life is a process of decluttering. Decluttering clothes, limiting beliefs, past baggage, and people who don’t bring joy to your life. But first, life is…

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Stop telling yourself who you’re supposed to be, or you’ll never find out who you really are

  We live in a world full of labels and stereotypes. Usually when I meet someone one of the first questions is “what do you do?” Like what you do defines who you are. I’m more interested in WHO you are, not what you do. When you ask that question instead, a lot of people struggle to answer. Who am I without labelling myself in the way I do? When you strip off the labels and get nekkid, how do…

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