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Do you like who you are?

  This isn’t a question many people consider very often but it’s an important one. Do you like who you are in general? What about the person you are (or become) around certain people? 🧐  What percentage of the time are you authentically YOU? Do you even know who your authentic self is? 🥹 I’m happy to say at this stage of my life that I like myself most of the time.  The times when I don’t like who I’m…

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Empowerography podcast interview with Brad Walsh

    Recently I was interviewed by Brad Walsh for the Empowerography Podcast.   We talked about some pretty heavy and important shit.    We spoke about mental health, self-care vs self-love and suicide prevention.    It was such an important and inspirational conversation.    You really need to check this episode out.   My goal is to help people to become their truest, most authentic version of themselves and to love themselves so much they won’t let anyone or…

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He’s my reflection

    I N T I M A C Y ~ into me, I see ❤️   After what felt like a lifetime of failed relationships, I met my amazing fiancé Cam when I was 38.   In our last few years together I’ve realised how much all my relationships have been a reflection of how I feel about myself and what I need to heal.    My past relationships were a reflection of;   🥹 how I put others…

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Set yourself free

      I heard a great Michaelangelo quote the other day, talking about carving an angel out of stone: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. This reminds me of personal development and is why I love coaching clients. I have a knack for seeing people’s true potential when they can’t see…

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Are you sick of this shit too?

  Every week I get several emails from people wanting to push their sales pitch onto me which goes something like this:   Sends friend request Friend request accepted Immediate message sent after a brief look over my profile so they can mention something about either my dog or my business Asking me what my current goal is Third message generally entails something along the lines of “buy my shit” after telling me how great their life is and how…

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Get rid of what makes you unhappy

    I heard a good quote on a podcast I was listening to recently: “Happiness isn’t what you find, it’s what’s left when you get rid of all the things that make you unhappy.” I also love this quote: “Don’t chase the light; the light will drop in automatically when you heal your trauma.” Life is a process of decluttering. Decluttering clothes, limiting beliefs, past baggage, and people who don’t bring joy to your life. But first, life is…

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