Are you being your true authentic self?

“I am what I think others think I am.”

Read that a few times and notice the power (and truth) in that statement.

We live in a world based on a perception within a perception.

We have all these perceptions (illusions and lies) about what our partner, boss, friend, parent etc thinks about us, and we act accordingly.

Bit mad isn’t it?

It means that most of the time, we aren’t being our true, authentic selves.

Do we even know who our authentic self even is?

Do you know what YOU like doing, or do you just do what you think everyone expects of you?

Do you know what YOU like wearing, or are you following the crowd?

Are you doing the job YOU want to do, or what you think is expected of you?

During stressful times in my life I’ve lost that sense of who I am and have realised at times that what I was doing and who I was being wasn’t actually a fit with my true authentic self.

I was putting everyone else’s needs and wants first and didn’t speak up or stand up for what I wanted.

It takes a while to even realise who you are and what you really love when you’ve de-prioritised yourself.


Because there is only one of you, and you’re so much more awesome than you think you are.

“But I won’t be loved for who I am. People won’t like me. It’s not safe to be me.”


Or is that just the bullshit story you keep telling yourself?

Since I made a decision to be my authentic self, my life has been SO much more fun, and I’ve attracted people into my life who are more aligned with who I am.

Amazing, loving, kind, compassionate, caring people.

FUN people.

Here are my tips for stepping more into your authentic self.

  • Write out a list of all the things you do, be and have – and then write next to it whether this is your joy, or someone else’s
  • Assume everyone you meet already considers you as their friend, so you ditch any need to impress or be someone you’re not
  • Ask yourself in each moment, “is what I’m about to do/be/have something I really want, or what someone else wants?”
  • Get some energy work done to clear any energetic blockages that are keeping you stuck from your authentic self – check out my info re Reiki and how it can help you here
  • Declutter the emotional baggage that holds you back – this will free up your energy so that you’re a better version of yourself without all that shit bogging you down – grab your freebie to help you with this here

Give it a nudge, and see where it takes you 


I know from my own experience it’s definitely worth it!!

If you need help with any of the above, get in touch to chat about how coaching can help.

Catcha on the flip side,

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