The importance of grounding if you have anxiety

I was chatting to a coaching client the other day about the anxiety she faces on an almost daily basis.

Check out a video I recorded on YouTube discussing this topic.

She noticed that she doesn’t feel anxiety when she’s exercising, at the beach, with friends or doing the things she loves. 

When we experience anxiety, our energy field literally leaves our physical body. 

We also do this when we experience depression, fatigue, and other painful emotions, or when we aren’t present.

When we are grounded or doing things we enjoy, we’re more present and grounded in our body and do we don’t experience those heightened panicky negative emotions. 

An easy way to ground yourself and bring yourself back into your body is to get out into nature – barefoot ideally. 

Get to the ocean or a smaller body of water, out into a forest or even your garden. 

You can also use crystals to ground you – keep crystals like black tourmaline, smokey quartz or jasper in your pocket. 

You could try imagining roots coming out of your feet and going deep into the earth to ground you. 

These techniques will help bring you back into your body, in to the present moment, which should help to lessen the anxiety.

If you’re struggling at the moment and are sick of just about surviving, get in touch with me to see how I can help.

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From Surviving To Thriving

Give it a try 😊

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