From depressed to dream life



13 years ago I was… 


🇬🇧 living in freezing cold London dreaming of living in Australia

🌧️ clinically depressed

🤯 stuck as a carer for an abusive psychotic partner 

💰 broke 

😩 in despair

😔 couldn’t see a way out at times 

🤯 living in survival mode each day 

🥺 disconnected from a lot of friends, family and most of all myself


These days I’m… 


🇦🇺 living in sunny Australia

😌 mentally healthy

🥰 with a grounded, amazing, loving partner who supports me in all my endeavours 

💰 abundant financially and in so many more ways 

✨ excited for the future ahead 

❤️ surrounded by amazing family and friends 


What did it take to get here?


💰 investing in my personal development

🤗 coaching

🙌🏻 healing 

🥹 confronting all parts of me that were holding myself back

✋🏻 setting strong boundaries

💞 learning how to love myself 


And now I love showing others how to do the same. 


Ready for me to show you how?


Comment READY below 👇🏼 


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Catcha on the flip side,


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