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Ready to shift in a massive way?

  Rachael combined coaching + energy treatments for profound changes in her life.  I have a Dig Deep package which includes 3 coaching sessions combined with 3 energy treatments which can either be done together as a 2 hour session or alternated, in person or via video call. My Go Deeper package consists of 6 coaching sessions + 6 energy treatments, with packages typically run as a 2 hour coaching + energy treatment with 2-4 weeks in between sessions.  This…

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The importance of cutting energy cords

  Each week I see anywhere between three and forty people for energy work, either in person or via remote healing. 🙌🏻 Because of the amount of people I’m working on each week I notice themes occuring in my clients. These themes can last weeks or even months. One of the themes I’m noticing right now is that people are needing cord cutting.     Just like when we’re born with an umbilical cord attaching us to our mums, we…

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Staying balanced during relationship stress

During stressful times it can be really easy for us to stop doing anything that keeps us in balance. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of keeping on top of your energy hygiene during these times as a way of helping you stay grounded and to help you regulate your emotions.   If you feel in need of an energy tune up, drop me a message and let’s chat. Sessions can be done in person or remotely via distant healing.…

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Make no apologies for who you are

  The other day I sent out a blog and newsletter, the title of which was “Un-fuck yourself in 2024”. The whole point of the blog is about doing personal development and healing work to help you shed the layers of shit that have dimmed your shine and led you away from your true authentic self. 🥹 I have an amazing bunch of legends who’ve been following my work for a while and those who know me know that I’m…

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Thank you to my amazing clients

  Just reflecting on the last 17 years of running my biz and how grateful I feel for so many cool experiences along the way. ✨ I’ve learned some incredible personal development and energy tools over the years and I’ll never stop learning. Each year I want to become a better version of myself by healing whatever may be holding me back. 🙌🏻 And I want to bring that better version of me to my clients, sharing my learnings along…

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