Empowerography podcast interview with Brad Walsh



Recently I was interviewed by Brad Walsh for the Empowerography Podcast.


We talked about some pretty heavy and important shit. 


We spoke about mental health, self-care vs self-love and suicide prevention. 


It was such an important and inspirational conversation. 


You really need to check this episode out.


My goal is to help people to become their truest, most authentic version of themselves and to love themselves so much they won’t let anyone or anything hold them back from living the life of their dreams. 


My passion comes from a journey through my own trauma and lack of loving myself in the past. 


I have lost numerous people I love through suicide, addictions and mental health issues. 


Through my failure to set strong boundaries I became drained in toxic and abusive relationships where my confidence and self-esteem were ground down over time. 


By continuously working on my own personal development and healing, I was able to overcome my challenges to truly step into unapologetically being my authentic self, living my best life and supporting others to achieve the same. 


I truly hope you enjoy listening to this episode of Empowerography as much as I did doing the interview with Brad.


Please feel free to share the link below with anyone you think might enjoy listening!




Enjoy the podcast goodness!


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