“Suicide Reduction & Prevention, a Global Mission with Coach Carly (Australia)” {podcast interview}

Just finished being interviewed live by Robert Sharpe on the Bringing Inspiration to Earth podcast – I really enjoyed this interview!
“Suicide Reduction & Prevention, a Global Mission with Coach Carly (Australia)”
Across the globe there are countless people who are feeling depressed and suicidal on a daily basis, and struggling to beat it. In fact, many don’t, and choose to end their lives. As a result of this, so many more lives are impacted as their friends and family are left feeling confused, abandoned, and like they should or could have done more to help.
We all want to feel happiness, peace and contentment – and we all deserve that. There is so much pressure on us all in this day and age, where we are switched on 24/7, with huge demands placed on us each day. Most of us are stuck in constant fight or flight mode, and this takes its toll on us eventually. When we crash and burn, we feel like we have failed because we can’t keep up with the rat race, and this can easily lead us into depression. When you add past trauma into the mix, it makes for an even harder emotional rollercoaster. Carly wants to show people that there is another way – life really doesn’t have to be so hard.
After a career spent as a Corrections Officer in London, and as a Community Mental Health worker in Perth, Australia, Carly saw countless people in the same boat – with mental health issues they were struggling to beat, crises and trauma such as child abuse that they felt they could not recover from, eventually all taking its toll and leading them to serious self harm and suicidal feelings and behaviour.
You can check out the replay here:

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