What did you fail at today?


I can’t remember which podcast I heard it on or who was talking about it, but I loved it when I heard it.


I’ve always loved the question “what are you grateful for today?” – it’s a great question to ask yourself and your loved ones daily.


This was being talked about on a podcast I was listening to, and the guy being interviewed said he’d also ask his kids each night at dinner “what did you fail at today?”


They’d each talk about their failures and he’d respond by saying “great! And what did you learn from it? That’s awesome!”


I absolutely love this.


He’s teaching an important lesson to his family; it’s totally fine to fail, in fact, it’s really important and a part of life.


The best part of perceived failures is the lessons we can take from them.


So, what did you fail at today?


And what did it teach you?


Always be failing forward.


Catcha on the flip side, full of many lessons learned from all my failures.


Much love,


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