Instant gratification and personal development



I was watching a FB live my coach did on instant gratification and how it relates to business, and I wanted to share my spin on this with you.


Whenever I think of instant vs delayed gratification I always think about a fairy cake with the delicious icing on top (assuming you like cake and icing, of course).


Are you the kind of person who eats the best bit first (the icing for me for sure!), or delays the best bit, saving it til last?


No matter what I’m eating, I always save the best bit for the last bite.


I’m more than happy to delay gratification to have a happier result at the end.


Sometimes in life, this means significantly delaying getting what we want right now for a better result in the end.


An example of this would be saving your pennies by not eating out as much, cutting down on takeaways and social events, not spending money on clothes etc so you can save a deposit for a house.


But there’s also a huge element of delayed gratification in personal development.


Doing the work on yourself really isn’t easy, it’s actually really challenging and emotional at times.


But when you know there’s a greater result at the end, it’s easier to just keep going through the challenging times, baby step by baby step.


I recently started working with a client on a 12 week “go deeper” package which is six coaching sessions and six healing treatments, alternating the two.


She’s halfway through the package and has been working through significant anger, resentment and sadness; we hit a core wound during the last session that we will keep exploring.


There are many days where she doesn’t feel good, but she’s trusting and surrendering to the process knowing that the outcome will be a positive one.


In fact, her last message to me was telling me how her life was already turning around for the better.


So many people just want to be told that they can just do one or two sessions of coaching or healing and they will be “fixed” or “cured”.


It really doesn’t work like that.


There are SO many layers to this work; as you release one layer, another one pops up.


Yesterday I was doing a Quantum Freedom Therapy session with a client and the initial emotion we worked on was anger, then underneath that was resentment, and once we released the resentment the sadness revealed itself.


In one short session, she felt much lighter, but she knows she needs to continue doing the work to be completely free of these core wounds, and is committed to the process.


There is no silver bullet, no magic pill, no quick fix.


And the only thing holding you back from your growth is YOU.


So, my question to you is… are you willing to save the best bit for last and dive in, ready to rock and roll with your growth?


If so, drop me an emoji or big fat YES, and message me to find out how I can help you with coaching and/or healing.


Let’s dive deeper together.


Catcha on the flip side,











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