The Wrath of Valentines Day

image So, another year, another V Day done and dusted.

As always it’s a huge tradition of over-consumerism in an effort to tell your special one, or someone that you hope to be your special one, or even several people, that you think they are cute/lovely/hot/the one.

My Facebook newsfeed was pummelled with endless pictures of flowers and gifts and soppy sayings. Which is pretty cute, but also pretty frustrating it seems for a lot of people who are keen to stage “Anti V Day” protests. I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of that in the past, when I was single and unhappy being single.

Personally I don’t think there should be one day of the year dedicated to telling someone you love them – they should be able to know and feel it every day of the year if that’s how you feel.

But what is it that happens within us when we hit V Day and are thrown into a bad mood because of it? Is it because we are without someone to throw presents and cards at us? Or is it more about our own self worth?

If you felt 100% worthy, confident, self-assured and loved yourself completely, would you feel the same way? If you had a crappy day on V Day, try making up for it today by doing something nice for yourself

– give yourself some love!

–          Have a bubble bath

–          Buy yourself some flowers

–          Buy some yummy choccies

–          Get a new outfit

–          Pamper yourself

–          Catch up with some friends

–          Do something fun


Think about why V Day wasn’t a hit for you this year. Why did it make you feel that way? What is the need behind that feeling? Is it a need to feel loved? Appreciated? Important to someone else? To have someone special in your life?


Whatever it is you feel like you were lacking on the day, take some time out this week to fulfil that need for yourself, by giving yourself whatever it is that you need rather than seeking for external fulfilment.

The more you do of that, the more you will find yourself attracting that feeling to you in your life.

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Have a great week

Love,   sig_

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