Keep your vibe in check to attract what you want in life



Last week I got a message from one of my Reiki students saying her fam had been given a short time to find a new rental as their landlord is selling up.


Panicky vibes for sure, this is a stressful situation to find yourself in.


When the shit hits the fan what often happens is we find ourselves in a place of fear, worry, anxiety, overthinking kinda vibes.


This narrows our thinking so we aren’t as open minded and solution focused; it’s easy to be focusing on the problem instead of the solution.


It’s important to remember everything is happening FOR you, not TO you.


So when unexpected events happen, instead of assuming the worst, assume that for whatever reason the Universe has decided you need a change of scenery, and get excited about what’s coming next.


Each emotion has its own energy to it, and we can either be a shit magnet or a manifesting magnet depending on the energy we are putting out there.


Think back to a time when you were stuck in a loop of shitty emotions such as shame, guilt, depression, helplessness etc – did you seem to have a never ending pile of shit thrown at you?


Now reflect on a time when everything was working out for you, did things just seem to fall in your lap?


When we are in higher vibrating emotions such as peace, love, joy, happiness, we are much more likely to be in a state of flow rather than resistance.


If we can switch our focus to ensuring we keep our vibration as high as possible while also taking inspired solution focused action, we are likely to have a better outcome.


This also means you have to surrender the outcome and trust that the Big U has your back, that even if life has gone to shit you’re exactly where you’re meant to be and better things are on the way.




Spend time doing things you love, with peeps who make you laugh and lift you up.


Keep your self talk in check and watch your language – instead of using statements that are going into detail about the problem, use curious questions like “I wonder how this will turn out”… “I wonder what the Universe has in store for me”… “I’m excited to see the better things that are on the way to me now”.


Use Law of Attraction processes such as vision boards and affirmations to get clear on what you want to attract.


Set SMART goals:





Time bound


Declutter anything in your environment that doesn’t align with what you want to attract. That includes people who drain your energy.


Get outside in nature and keep yourself grounded, it helps get you out of the overthinking loop in your head.


Keep on top of your energy hygiene by doing self healing or having treatments with others to ensure you stay in balance during the rough times.


Stay in a good self care routine focusing on optimal sleep, nutrition and exercise.


Life will always throw shit our way.


It’s how you handle it that counts.


When you reflect back on what’s happening now from your future self, you’ll understand why it was all happening.


As always, if you want a guide on your journey drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the flip side, where the shit has hit the fan many times and we’ve come out the other side.








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