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Are these blocks stopping you from your goal of running a small biz?

  A lot of people I know run a small biz these days – sometimes as their only source of income, but often as a hobby biz on the side.   I started my biz in 2006, and it grew very organically along the way initially without the amazing social media we have at our hands today.   Over the years, I’ve coached friends and clients to help them overcome the blocks stopping them from starting, or growing, their small…

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Calm your overthinking brain

Does your overthinking brain do your head in? You might be feeling pretty good, then a thought pops into your head and before you know it you’ve fixated on it so much you feel like shite. This style of thinking tends to get you no closer to a solution to whatever problem you’re focusing on.  There’s a point at the start of the thought where you can stop it before it gets into full swing. Imagine parking your car at…

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