The quality of your emotions equals the quality of your life


Do you agree with this statement?


On a daily basis I work with clients who struggle to manage their emotions.


Some are completely disconnected from them and have a hard time knowing how to even state what emotion they are feeling other than simply “good” or “bad”.


Being completely disconnected is often a protection mechanism – they feel they might unlock Pandora’s box and face all the shit they’re avoiding if they start to delve into their emotional landscape.


But this also leads to disconnecting in all areas – from themselves, from their loved ones and life in general – so their interactions become fairly superficial.


Some people feel ALL their emotions all at the same time and are bombarded with them, leading to depression, anxiety, an inability to cope, feelings of overwhelm and suicidal thoughts.


These clients feel Pandora’s box is well and truly open and they have no idea how to self-regulate their feelings to calm themselves and self-soothe.


Some clients keep the lid on their feelings most of the time but because they’re so full of emotional baggage they are easily triggered and can “snap” at the smallest of things, leading to angry outbursts, tears, feelings of isolation and feeling like nobody understands them.


Any of these sound like you? Or someone you know?


Lack of emotional management is a pretty common thing in today’s world and either leads to us living in survival mode (fight, flight, freeze responses) where our bodies are bombarded with adrenaline and cortisol, or can lead to us feeling a general sense of disconnect from the world around us.




In my online coaching program, From Surviving To Thriving, I get my clients to first start by tracking how they are feeling on a daily basis.


Spend a few moments checking in with yourself and ask “what am I feeling right now?”


Are you happy, sad, content, angry, bitter, resentful, peaceful?


If you’re unsure of how to name your emotions, check out this link for more info.


Check in with yourself a few times a day.


I send my clients a daily tracker where they also log what they’ve eaten, had to drink, how they slept, what they’ve done that day and who they’ve seen as well as a few other things.


This can give you a better idea of what things, people or situations lead to what kind of emotions.


I then have a whole module on how to change their emotional state and build their resilience toolkit.


You can check out a sneak peek of my online coaching program here.


Once you get an idea of where you are emotionally, if you aren’t where you want to be then start looking at what you need to heal from your past, identifying and clearing your limiting beliefs, and setting goals that inspire you.


This is big work, but it starts with knowing where you are emotionally and how to start connecting with yourself and regulating your own emotions.


Check out the free download on my website called “18 ways to feel better NOW” – you’ll see a pop up box on my site www.coachcarly.com – just enter your email address and you’ll be sent the download link.


This will give you an idea of things you can do to feel better in the moment and you can add to the list too.


As always, if you aren’t sure where to start and need a hand, drop me a message and let’s chat about how I can help with coaching and/or energy work.


Catcha on the more emotionally connected flip side,








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