Baby steps are better than no steps

Baby stepsSo often we put pressure on ourselves to get certain things done or do things in a certain way.

This is especially true the more we learn about self development – the more tools in our toolbox, the more things we know that will help move us closer to our goals.

But in among all of this, there are just some days where you feel like shite.

And when that happens, and you know so many different tools and techniques that could help you move forward, sometimes it just all feels like too much pressure to do any of it.

I used to give myself shit for this if I had a crappy day.

And then I realised that it doesn’t matter how much I know about things that will help me, I’m still human and still have the odd crappy day.

After all, I’m a chick with hormones! 🙂

I sometimes get coaching clients starting their session with me with some big goal they want to work on, but they are bawling their eyes out and clearly that needs to be the focus on the session.

In those times, all I will work on with them is raising their vibration.

By that I mean moving them forward from feeling how they feel, to feeling better – even if it’s just a tiny bit better.

When I first started learning about positive thinking and positive affirmations, I used to think that if I caught myself thinking something negative, that I needed to instead think the polar opposite, positive thought instead.

What I came to realise it that sometimes the gap between what I’m thinking and feeling, and where I want to be, can be so big that if I feel like shit, it’s unrealistic to think I can easily put myself in that space.

Then when I came across the work of Abraham-Hicks, I discovered that actually all you really need to do is focus on “how can I feel even better in this moment, what do I need to do to help myself feel better?”

This can be just a teeny tiny bit better than how you currently feel.

If we check out the scale of consciousness, with the different levels of emotions and what the resonate at in terms of vibration, we can see the lower level emotions of shame and guilt sit right at the bottom, with enlightenment, peace, joy and love at the top.

vibrationscale-mediumSo if all we need to do is focus on raising our vibration, then it doesn’t need to be a huge challenge.

We don’t need to take ourselves from a place of fear straight to a place of joy if that feels too difficult.

If we feel apathy, would it be so hard to instead feel grief?

Or move from grief to a place of fear?

While this might sound like it wouldn’t be changing things for the positive, you can see from the scale that in fact you would be raising your vibration.

If you can continue to focus on the baby steps, moving yourself up the scale, then you will be moving towards the more positive emotions with more ease.

So, if you’re feeling like shite or having a crappy day, ask yourself where you think you are on the scale and then say;

“What can I do, right now in this moment, to feel even a little bit better than I do right now?”

Then go and do it, whatever it is.

These days, if I’m not feeling so flash, then I won’t write any content, won’t market my business, won’t work on goals… all I will focus on in that moment is feeling better.

And when I do, then off I go back to working on those things, because only then do I know I am back in my manifesting zone 🙂

Try it out the next time you don’t feel so great, or could be feeling better – and let me know how you get on 🙂

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  • Francesca Cassini
    September 23, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Love the idea of baby steps, particularly for those of us who have been in the spiritual and personal growth business for years, we can think we need to be above it all, all the time. My practice is about homing in on what I love – I find this shifts me most effectively. I can be in the depths, but if I can actually choose to re-focus, and think about what I love most, then my energy and vibration will definitely begin to pick up. And as you say Carly, not in reaction or opposition to whats going on for me at the time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Coach Carly
      September 30, 2014 at 10:45 am

      So true Francesca, thanks for your comment 🙂

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