How to deal with the negative, critical life suckers in your life


Recently I had someone ask me how they could better deal with people in their life who were being negative and critical. 

Been there, got the t shirt!

Negative peeps are like crabs. If you go crab collecting with a bucket at the beach, once it’s full the crab at the top should be able to climb out ~ except it can’t, because all the other f@ckers below it keep dragging it down and ripping its legs off. 

Don’t let them drag you down to their level!

Here are my top tips on dealing with crabs 🦀 




Who are the people in your life acting like crabs? Is it your partner? Parent? Kid? Friend? Colleague? How much of your time do you spend around them? Get real on who it is in your life that you’re allowing your energy to be drained by. 

If the negative person in your life is your partner this can be particularly challenging as it usually equates to quite a toxic home environment.

This makes it even more important to check out the tips below.


In a previous blog I spoke about the scale of emotion and how the more negative emotions vibrate at a denser rate, attracting more of that vibe toward us.

Your job is to keep your own vibration as high as you can so you’re more of a magnet to what you want in life. 

To do that, focus on doing what feels good and spending less time around peeps that don’t feel good. 

What do you love to do that fills up your cup and nourishes you?

I have a freebie called “18 ways to feel better NOW” that’ll help with ideas on how to raise your vibe. Just head over to www.coachcarly.com and put your email address in the pop up box for your free download.


When we’re in conflict in our lives it’s because our needs aren’t being met and/or we are experiencing a values conflict.

What needs do you have that aren’t being met right now?

If you don’t know what your values are then you can take the free quiz in this blog.


Easier said than done sometimes especially if it’s your partner or kids! But this is really about taking stock of who is in your life, how they treat you, and how you can have less negativity in your life.

Start by decluttering your social media newsfeed and emails – unsubscribe and unfollow anything negative. 

Who in your life do you see out of obligation and where can you start saying no?

Where do you deserve more in your life and what action can you take to ensure you get it?

And yes – sometimes this does involve being really honest about whether it’s time to end a relationship that isn’t working for you anymore. Is this someone that you really want or deserve in your future?


Ask yourself:

“If I really truly loved/respected/honoured myself, how would my life be different?”

Often we allow ourselves to continue to be treated a certain way because we don’t love ourselves enough to change it or make a stand for ourselves.

When we do the work to uncover what’s holding us back from truly loving ourselves, EVERYTHING improves in our lives. 

If you want some help tackling any of these things then hit me up with a message and let’s chat.

You also might want to check out my online coaching course From Surviving to Thriving which is jam packed full of tools to help with all of the above!

Catcha on the flip side,

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