Are stress webs affecting you?



One of my favourite healing techniques I’ve learned in the last year are removing energetic stress webs.

Stress webs are the result of overactive communication between the adrenals, hypothalamus and pituitary gland, causing “stress webs” to shoot out from the adrenals and wrapping around various areas of the body, keeping the body locked down in a pattern of stress.


One recent example is a client who contacted me saying she wanted to break her habit of reaching for alcohol as an emotional coping tool when she felt stressed, which at that time was daily.


After balancing her energy field, I asked her body what it most needed with the specific goal in mind to break the habit of drinking.


Her body showed me stress webs coming out of both adrenals, wrapping around her lungs (where grief is stored), heart, shoulders (area of burden and responsibility), throat (inability to express how she was feeling) and half covering her face.


The webs looked like plastic like, tar like thick webs and they reminded me of one of the outfits Charlize Theron wore in the Huntsman.



I worked to calm the communication from the brain to the adrenals and remove the stress webs.


Here are some of the messages I got in the days and weeks that followed after the session on 31 August:



“Tried to have a glass of wine, it tasted like pure vinegar”



“Did you give me some sort of universe crack cocaine…I have soooooo much energy. Was up before 5 bouncing off the walls super focused I’m currently doing a walk to get some of this out of my system”



“Feeling strong. Motivated. My emotions aren’t all over the place. It feels amazing. Still no alcohol. Still feel blah thinking about it. My man had Chardonnay last night which is my drink of choice and I didn’t even want to touch it. Eating has been good. Still a low appetite which is good for weight loss but had 2 walks and a gym session yesterday. Feel so focused”



“Today marks a week sober. Have exercised every day and making it up to my body for subjecting it to such toxic behaviours for so long. Thank you so much for your help. While I won’t take away from my efforts and for seeking help in the first place, you have a lot to do with this. Forever grateful. X”



Sip of champagne “Tasted like off ape juice”



“I’m still sober and loving it”



“Passed the 3 week mark not drinking. I’m not counting the “attempts” cos they were gross. Longest I have been sober that I can remember”



“Friday marks a while month. The longest I can remember being sober for. Thank you so much for what you did. I’ll never stop being grateful to you x”



“I can now officially say that this is the longest time I have been sober in years. My skin does look better. I feel lighter. I’m focusing on gut health… apologies if TMI but my bowel movement is back to a healthy rate. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is and how important reframing has been. I don’t even say I’m quitting drinking. I just say I don’t drink now and it’s so empowering”


So good!! So happy for my client as it’s been a game changer from just one session – she quit booze, got properly back into the gym, her appetite reduced, she’s losing weight and has way more energy.


What a cool knock on effect!


Here’s what my client had to say two months after her treatment.


“I came to see Carly for reiki to help me change my relationship with alcohol. I was becoming reliant on it and in a sense self medicating to manage life stress.


The session was incredibly interesting and not what I expected but I allowed myself to fall into the energy exchange. At one point I felt like a thick dirty rope was being dragged out of my chest.


At the end of the session, I felt a sense of relief while taking a moment to collect myself and my thoughts.


Immediately, I didn’t want to drink anymore. The following day, I tried to have a glass of wine with a friend but couldn’t get past 2 sips because it just tasted like vinegar. A few weeks later I tried to have a glass of bubbles with a friend and I barely got through it because it tasted like off Apple juice.


Since the session 2 months ago, I have had a couple of drinks here and there but my entire relationship with alcohol has changed from a bottle a night to a casual drink on the odd occasion. Even the casual drink however isn’t enjoyable as now I seem to get head aches from 1-2 drinks.


I feel like I have my health back, my mental health has improved, I feel more in control and don’t have a vice that had the ability to render me useless to the world when I have had too much.


I can’t thank Carly enough for the treatment and it has concreted my belief in the art as I have seen how powerful it is first hand.”


I’ll be sharing more cool stories about how the new psychic surgery techniques I’ve been using in my treatments have been having amazing results.


Want to find out what your body needs?


Drop me a message and let’s chat about how energy work and/or coaching can help.


Catcha on the flip side,












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