Calm your overthinking brain

Does your overthinking brain do your head in?

You might be feeling pretty good, then a thought pops into your head and before you know it you’ve fixated on it so much you feel like shite.

This style of thinking tends to get you no closer to a solution to whatever problem you’re focusing on. 

There’s a point at the start of the thought where you can stop it before it gets into full swing.

Imagine parking your car at the top of a hill and releasing the handbrake. 

This is like the thought just popping into your head.

At the top of the hill it’s pretty easy to stop the car.

But as the car rolls down the hill it gathers momentum and accumulates speed. 

Before you know it you’re crashing into other cars and end up a mess at the bottom of the hill. 

The trick is learning how to stop the train of thought before it gathers momentum.

Here’s how.


We can get really specific when it comes to focusing on our problems and this narrows our thinking to stay focused on the issue. 

Instead, try switching your thoughts to a curious questioning style, which opens up your thinking to include receiving solutions.

“I’m not sure what the solution is right now, but I’m curious to see what it might be”

“I wonder what the solution might be to this issue I’m having?”

“What could I do right now to relax and receive the answer to this problem?”

“What’s the easiest/simplest way to get this done?”

Write out a list of questions you can use in the moment.


It can be useful to use positive self-talk to counteract any sabotaging thoughts you’re having. This kind of self-talk is more personal than using positive affirmations. 

I like to get my coaching clients to construct a character out of the part of them that is a negative Nancy. Turn that character into something ugly, with an ugly name, so you detach it from yourself to some degree. 

Then take the part of you that knows better, your higher self/best self that gets shit done, and turn that into a character too. If you find this difficult you can use someone you admire instead, someone who inspires and motivates you.

When your negative Nancy starts goading you, visualise this stronger you biting back until they shut up. 

You could also imagining ejecting the negative thought like a DVD out of your head. Whatever works for you!


Sometimes it feels too much of an effort to change your thinking when it’s already gathered momentum.

In those situations focus on doing something to distract yourself instead. Call a friend, go for a walk, go to the beach, do some cleaning; whatever it is make it easy. 

Sometimes the best thing we can do is call it a day and go to bed to really switch our brain off. 

I have a free download for you at www.coachcarly.com called 18 ways to feel better NOW which you can print off for a list of ideas to help you with this. 

Just put your email in the pop up box for your free download. 


When we’re overthinking we can be very ungrounded in our energy. 

By focusing on becoming present in our bodies we can ground ourselves and become more present.

Try going for a walk and putting your bare feet on the ground, have a massage or reflexology, acupuncture or other holistic bodywork. 

I’d love to hear what helps you when you’re in overthinking mode.

Catcha on the flip side,

Coach Carly xx

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