What’s the Law of Attraction really all about? And what’s it got to do with Minions? Keep reading to find out…

The long and short of the Law of Attraction is that what you focus on is what you get. There are several Universal Laws and in fact I have a guided visualisation on the Law of Detachment on my website. Also if you sign up for my newsletter you get a free e book I wrote which describes each of the Universal Laws, and includes affirmations which you can print out that relate to each Law.

The Law of Attraction became big when the DVD and book titled The Secret came out, and the masses have lapped it up.

Before we go into this I want you to consider whether your thoughts over the course of the day are mainly positive or negative, and if negative are those thoughts mainly about yourself, others, situations or things? I want you to think about your thoughts as a little narrator in your head. If this narrator was a real life person, would you be friends with them? Would you want to hang out with them all day or would you be kicking that friend to the kerb?

Prior to this question being asked of me years ago, I considered myself a really positive person. But I was then asked to spend one day really observing my thoughts, and I realised they weren’t half as positive as I thought they were.

When I first started learning about positive thinking, I thought that if I had a negative thought then I had to turn it into the polar opposite positive thought. But if you’re experiencing a strong negative emotion along with that negative thought, it can be really difficult to get into that place. For example, if you’re down to your last dollar and you have to feed your family that night and are having negative thoughts about it, then thinking instead “I am abundant and prosperous” probably won’t cut it and won’t so easily shift you out of that mindset.

What I have found helpful is instead asking myself the question “what is one thing I can do right now to help myself feel better in this moment?” and then go and do it. It’s all about moving yourself up the scale of consciousness – with grief and shame being very low level, low vibrating emotions at the bottom, and love and joy being high vibrating emotions at the top. Lower emotions make you feel yucky and heavy, and higher emotions make you feel happy and light. So the aim is to move yourself up this scale.


So whatever you can do in that moment to move yourself into a better feeling space – go and do it. Because it’s too hard to work on goals and manifesting when you are carrying around heavy energy with you. The quickest way to shift into a better energy is to go and do something fun, or something that will make you laugh. Personally if I’m feeling crappy I won’t write any content for my website or blog, and won’t attempt to connect with any clients or do any manifesting work until I have shifted into a better feeling space. I could write the same blog and send on two separate days – one day where I don’t feel good and another day when I feel great, and guaranteed I won’t get any results from sending it out from that crappy energy state.

So, I want you to humour me for a moment and imagine becoming a reverse paranoid. A paranoid person believes that the Universe and everything in it is conspiring against them. A reverse paranoid on the other hand, has full belief that the Universe is working its bum off to give you EVERYTHING YOU ASK FOR. EVERYTHING. If only you knew how powerful your thoughts and feelings were, you would seriously make sure they were aligned with what you truly want.


So imagine there are little dudes in the Universe (I now imagine mine look like Minions as they are so funny and cute!) who are working hard in a little warehouse, packaging up what you’re asking for on a daily basis. So for example, you want a new car. You drive past a car yard and you spot one you like, and you sit there imagining what it would be like to own it and thinking ooooo I want that car sooo much! And the little dudes in the Universe warehouse get all excited for you and are jumping up and down, starting to align everything in the right way to make sure that you can get that car. But what happens next is you start talking yourself out of it, thinking, oh I would really love that car, but I just can’t afford it, I’m so jealous of people who can afford it etc, and then you get into the negative thinking and your little dudes in the warehouse get all sad because you’re reversing your order, and they start packing everything away until you get really clear on something you want and have full belief it will happen. Nobody likes a sad, heartbroken Minion!

How often do you wish for something and then talk yourself out of it because you don’t believe it will happen, or you don’t think you deserve it? What this does is send out mixed signals to the Universe. You need to get really clear on exactly what it is you want, and then take positive, inspired action to achieve it, along with an unwavering belief that it will happen.

Would you go to a restaurant, and say to the waitress “oh I don’t really know what I want, just bring me something you think I’ll like.” Imagine the mixed bag you’d end up with!

Placing your order with the Universe and utilising the Law of Attraction is the same as ordering from a restaurant. You set a clear goal, and write down exactly how you’re going to make it happen. There are plenty of woo-woo things you can do to help you get there, but unless you’re going to take some action then the Universe won’t take you seriously. I like to support my clients in setting SMART goals – SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-specific. So when setting goals, using weight as an example, you wouldn’t set a goal of “I want to lose weight” because it’s too vague. It would be more like “to lose 4kgs in 30 days” – this is specific enough, it’s measurable, it’s achievable and realistic, and you have set a time frame. You would then look at all the actions you’re going to take to help you achieve that goal – like do a 30 day cleanse, go to the gym 4 times a week, set aside a piece of clothing you’re aiming to get back into and so on.

Once you get this clarity around your goal, you can then incorporate some of the more woo woo techniques to help you achieve it. I am a big fan of woo woo, because the techniques are fun, and who doesn’t love fun? In terms of what works or how many things you should do – everything works, and if you’re really serious about a goal, use as many techniques as possible, chuck everything at it. I’ve learned a heap of techniques over the years and some I love and some I don’t love so I tend to really stick to the techniques I love because I’m then more likely to do them.

So there’s a few things you can do:

  • Write out a little story from your future self, as if you’ve already achieved the goal, describing what it’s like to have achieved it, what is showing up in your life now you’ve achieved it and the steps you took to get there
  • Meditate – getting in your zen zone helps you connect with your higher self, that part of you that knows everything, and helps you to open up more to opportunities that may help get you closer to your goal
  • Ask yourself constantly, “is what I am doing right now helping me move closer to my goal, or away from it”
  • Lots of self care – have fun, pamper yourself, do what you need to do to move away from negative emotions and into a better feeling state
  • Positive affirmations – as humans we learn either by doing, or by repetition. So you could tell your child not to touch the stove 20 times and they will know not to touch it, or they could touch it once when hot and know never to do it again. Affirmations work by repetition. Affirmations should always be in the positive and as if you have already achieved it, and it’s also helpful to bring in some positive feelings into it and to really try to FEEL them too – so using the previous goal as an example “I am so happy and grateful that I have lost 4kgs and now easily and effortlessly fit comfortably into my size 10 pants.”
  • Guided visualisations: this is basically day-dreaming, something I always got told off for doing when I was younger but now it is very much encouraged! Dream dream dream people! Get yourself into your zen zone and SEE yourself as having achieved your goal. See how things are happening in your life since achieving that goal. You could even read out the story from your future self to record it, and then use that as a guided visualisation.
  • Declutter – this is a really powerful step in manifesting. Are you organised or disorganised? Is your wardrobe packed full of crap you don’t need just in case you’ll wear it again one day? Have a think about what you can rid of in the physical world, and be ruthless with it. It’s the same as spring cleaning your house – how amazing and light does your house feel afterwards! The Universe abhors a vacuum, and when you clear out the crap you don’t need, you create a space for more of what you want to come into your life.
  • Forgive the past – this is a really powerful step in manifesting, and is also a form of decluttering. When I do forgiveness work, or ho’oponopono, the crap gets cleared leaves room for some cool sh*t to be manifested. Guaranteed good stuff always happens shortly after (even during sometimes!) doing forgiveness work
  •  Vision boards
  • Positive pictures and words in your space
  • Give thanks and gratitude for the great things in your life, and see the positive in each challenge
  • Do some energy work on yourself such as Reiki or kinesiology
  • Get a Life Coach!

If you’re still feeling stuck, maybe kicking off a life coaching course might help you. I recently launched a 9 module program I created a few years ago as an online coaching program, giving you the freedom to complete the course in your own time, link in with me for support via Facebook and have lifetime access to the modules (PDF and audio versions available). You can check out my Wake Up To Your L.I.F.E (Living In Fun + Enjoyment) course here.

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