Don’t be afraid to tap out when you need to


In this world we live in, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by life.


We are so used to the daily grind, with an insane ability to be switched on 24/7 and available at the drop of a hat.


A few weeks ago I felt a growing desire to tap out of it all for a while – not life, but the busy-ness of it all.


So much has changed in my life in the last few years and finally it’s all settled.


Now I’ve slowed down a bit, I’ve realised how tired my soul is.


So I’ve decided to tap out.


If you haven’t heard the term before, it’s a phrase used in mixed martial arts where you admit defeat:


tap out

— phrasal verb with tap verb


in mixed martial arts and similar sports, to tap the floor to show that you accept that your competitor has beaten you:

Suddenly he dropped to his knees and tapped out


For me though it’s less about admitting defeat and instead giving myself permission to have the time out I know I need.


To rest, a lot.


To integrate all the changes I’ve made and healing I’ve done.


To nurture my body, mind and soul.


I’m planning a trip away for a bit just me and my Squishy (my lil bulldog if you don’t know who that is), away from work, biz and everyone I know.



I’ll go offline for most of this time and won’t be available to anyone.


My soul REALLY needs it.


Just me, my Squishy, the beach and good books.


Meditation, exercise, good food and sunshine.


I can’t wait!!


What do you need to tap out from?


Tap out, surrender… to step back into a state of flow.


Flow is where all the lushness is waiting for you.


2021 will be my year of lushness.


Will you allow it to be yours too?


Catcha on the lush side,



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