Are you open minded enough to see where you’re still close minded?



Open minded and close minded peeps can act very differently towards life in ways that can be very restricting for those who are close minded.

Open minded peeps don’t get rocked by change, ideas and unfamiliar territories.

They’re more likely to do what it takes to achieve their goals, respond well to constructive criticism and question their own beliefs, growing as a result.

An open minded person is more focused on listening than speaking, is aware they could be wrong, becomes curious instead of angry during disagreements, and can hold conflicting thoughts in their head, assessing the merits of each.

Open minded people live a more fulfilling life and are more likely to be happy and successful.

A close minded/narrow minded person let’s their ego get in the way of considering new ideas and they believe they’re always right.

They fear the unknown, are uncomfortable thinking outside the box, stay safe in what is familiar to them and are ruled by their ego.

A close minded person lacks humility, arks up when their ideas and beliefs are challenged, blocks others from speaking, rarely asks questions (instead preferring statements), doesn’t listen to understand, isn’t willing to change, wants to prove themselves as right, can’t handle cognitive dissonance (having two conflicting thoughts at the same time) and will try to convince others they’re open minded.

Then we have the small minded peeps who are focused on trivial problems, which costs them success and happiness in the long term.

When you think about the above, and you reflect on the people in your life, are you surrounded by mostly close minded, open minded or small minded peeps?

Which of the three categories do you identify with personally?

Are you open minded enough to see where you’re still close minded?

Everyone has certain beliefs that they hold on to strongly.

The key to being completely open minded is knowing what these are for you.

I listen to a lot of peak performance podcasts and some of the peeps I follow make a job for themselves actually doing everything they can to research stuff that challenges what they believe in.

The biggest difference between open minded and close minded people is in their willingness to adopt new ideas and beliefs, ways of life, or practices.

It can be as small as trying a new type of food to as big as living in a new country.

So, you think you’re open minded?

To find out where you may still be close minded, make sure you’re getting the perspectives of different peeps with different knowledge and ways of seeing the world to you.

If you feel triggered by anything, or feel someone else is “making” you feel something negative, it’s a good opportunity to explore where you may have limiting beliefs or may be making assumptions instead of seeing things from outside your own ego.

Signs you may not be open minded enough:

  • You feel that your way is the right way and the other person is totally wrong
  • You’re uncomfortable letting new peeps into your crew
  • You hate the idea of moving to a new place
  • You fear change because the outcome is uncertain and where you are now is better for you than leaping into the unknown
  • You’re friends are just like you, agree with everything you say and have the same beliefs
  • You’re not that keen to learn new things or try new experiences
  • You make assumptions about other people who are different from you and find yourself harshly judging them

It takes some practice to be more open-minded, but doing so can enrich your life — and the life of others.

Always keep checking yourself to see where you can be more open minded.

As always, if you would like help to see where you can be more open minded for a more exciting life, get in touch to find out how coaching and/or energy work can help.

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